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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdalena View Post
    A brand new pic coming right up!

    aww sweet Misi, luv your whitish coloured muzzle

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    Floyd giving me the face, "im an unloved Stafford" & yes i fell for it & gave in, gave him some more twisties

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    Loing the pics guys!

    DOL - love your siggy pic

    Missy- MMMWWHHOOOA! Big kisses your gorgeous girl!

    And AF- Oh i know that darn face to well! LOL I tell Leo "DONT give me that! You know it only works for your daddy!" He usually just turns his back on me and flops down with a big sigh. Oh im such a meanie!

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    Awww Floyd, I would give you some twisties, come live at my house.


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    Awww...Sass is sooo cute!
    Oh, and Floyd you can come to my house anytime too. I'll share my twisties with you.

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    DOL- Yep ears lot's of charactor in the ear's
    Floyd- with that face you can have anything I call that the sorry ass look

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    aww everyone thankie's for your sweet words about Floyd..that "sad unloved Stafford" face gets me every time so much, im such a big softie
    Last edited by Aussie Floyd; 08-28-2009 at 03:38 PM.

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    Love staffies!! Here's me family's, his name is Mojo.

    Ask a Border Collie to jump and it'd say, "how high?", ask a Kelpie and he'll ask, "why?"

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    Hello Dingoofus and a big welcome Mojo, Love the photo's, How old is Mojo?

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    Cheers. 8), he's about 10 now.
    Ask a Border Collie to jump and it'd say, "how high?", ask a Kelpie and he'll ask, "why?"

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