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Thread: Staffordshire Bull Terrier's

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    NJ's, I'm in trouble face, For running around the house with the door stopper

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    aww bless, NJ'S "im in trouble" face is so adorable, luv it

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    Thank's guys, NJ loves door stoppers, It's the only thing he nicks and hides, I find them in the most odd of places But when i find one that's what he does, So i took a photo. I found that door stopper in my shoe..

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    aww bless NJ, having obsession with door stoppers lol....well at least he don't chew anything else, staffy's sure are full of character hey

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    Hey guys!
    I'm back...

    Awww...what a cute pic of NJ. Poor little guy getting into trouble...that face says he's innocent, are you sure it was him Nic?

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    Hey Mags

    Welcome back, it sure is nice to see you & your Staford's back, hope your feeling a bit better

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    Good to see you back Mag's, Yea it's NJ, You just got to ask "OK where's the door stopper" Some time's he finds it for you or I find it and say " Who put that there" Then you get that sorry ass look .

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    Hi Aussie Floyd
    Thank you! Yes, i'm a bit better, still sad but better.

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    Four socks
    Thank you for the welcome back
    Misi's like NJ...I say, 'who did this?' and get the 'not me' face

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    Hey all my staffy mates, hope you all have a beaut fun peaceful weekend

    i think my saturday night will be sleepless ..... its my teens 19th b-day party tonight... don't know who will be more party animal feral &, the teens or their father's- bloody families ....

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