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Thread: Fetching

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    Thanks guys, appreciate the responses. I think I might try making the ball taste yummy and see how that goes first!

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    I have a very very energetic dog. Fetching was to be a must have skill. As i cant run along side him all day.
    We started with something soft, as he was not keen on a ball, too hard in his mouth.
    I used a teddy, tied to length of string. Dragging it around and about the dog till he was interested and followed it. Made lots of fuss while he was doing this.
    When focussed on the toy, i let him 'catch' it to end the game.

    Then when he dropped it, i would animate the toy so he could 'catch' it again.

    Built this step up, till he'd catch it on command. But would not retrieve at this stage.
    then pushed the dog away with the toy, this uses oppositional force, a very neat trick. The dog automatically, shoves the toy into your hand. Try it for yoursellf.
    Then id show him a 2nd toy. He'd release toy 1, to get given toy 2.

    Worked on this game of 'swap' till he got the hang of this. And now will fetch any object, a rock, a log, a toy, a ball etc without having to swap.

    Took about 2 months for a consistent retrieve to occur. And about a year before he'd fetch rocks, his least liked object to fetch.

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