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Thread: Dogs Fighting - Help Please!

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    have similar question here.. i have two pups now a male and female shipom .. they came from diff. dog parents and lately I noticed that they seem to fight a lot, at first I thought they are just playing like normal pups do.. but not until I saw several wounds in their body because of hard bitting! the male pup seems really hurt, his neck and some part of tummy and ears been really hit that one time i noticed in bleeding a bit. should I separate them for the meantime? my girl pup bite real hard, not just that, she bite me one time on my finger when I was trying to give her food, but I don't think it's something with anxiety or anything like that because she seems to be a happy puppy, it's just that she is more aggressive than the male one. the male pup is sweeter, and he doesn't snatch food nor bite or growls.. any advice? thanks a lot.
    The girl pup needs to learn some respect & you have to teach her.
    When she gets too rough spray her with a stronger water squirt if that dose not slow her up put her in timeout.
    Everythime she snatches give a deep low growl & take the food away, if she bites squeal & turn your back on her.
    Get her in a collar & lead & do some walking with both of them together also.
    Mostly it sounds to me like she knows no boundries or respect which has to change or you'll end up with a very unsocial little girl.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    I did what the members here suggested and ignored the behaviour by leaving the room every time they started to fight, or a couple of times I put them both outside and they immediately stopped. It must have been the right thing because now they hardly ever fight, in fact they are back to playing most of the time with the younger one grooming the older one alot. There was never any blood or broken skin though so I am not sure you should follow what I did. I doubt mine were fighting when they were on their own so there wasn't any danger of either being hurt I just wanted them to get along, I think your dogs sound a little more serious so you may need to be more cautious.
    Great news.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    I love an update.

    Well done.

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    A good dog should be trainied,.
    This is the opportunity to play instinct.

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