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ive got a 7 month old male staffy. he is always chewing on things and making a mess which is making my mother wanting to get rid of him. also when it gets dark he always bites our feet and holds on to them. ive tried to make loud noises, firm no, redirecting him to somthing else to bite. could you please help me and give me some tips. if things still dont work out should i be taking it to obedience classes? will it cover my problems?

thank you
Id go for broke. Make like a nuclear bomb went off, really really angry, and kick him out of the house for 10 mins for daring to disobey you with chewing.

Buy 3 marrow bones. 1 to hide for dog to 'find' in garden, 1 for inside. ALWAYS have marrow bones, and your dogs need to chew/rip/tear/grind can be employed gainfully, and the teeth will last a lot longer.
At 7 months. Id be coming down hard on him as he's in adolescant area nearly where pups go temporarily deaf and forget training. Id hit training hard for next 3 months to help him through his puberty.
Teenagers eh?