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Thread: Resource Guarding the Humans

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    Default Resource Guarding the Humans

    Hi guys
    I have currently taken on a 10 month old great dane foster dog.
    Bit of background: Female, desexed (a week ago), 10 months old, little else is known of her background.
    She is currently resource guarding myself and my partner against our 2 dogs. We own a 2.5 yo desexed female RR and a 3.5 yo mutt (lab x staffy) desexed male.
    We are currently ignoring her and using the NILIF techniques as we have with our own dogs. When she growls/lifts the lip/or snaps at our dogs, we growl at her but continue patting our own dogs. Are we doing the right thing?
    Our own dogs are very confident dogs with Brembo (the mutt) being our alpha male. Luna (the dane) is submissive with people and has shown submission whilst playing with the dogs. She is in no way aggressive/dominant with them when playing but only when my partner or myself show attention to them.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    S: Hi RL, it sounds like your thoughts (resource guarding) may be right, I would not growl at her though, treating aggression with aggression is a slippery slope.

    I would set her up some rules about how exactly affection will be given in your home, and that it will never be given in return for her forceful behaviour.

    If I was the resource she was guarding, I woud take stock of my leadership skills and I would also do some OB training which can help boost her confidence and teach her the skills she needs to access affection.

    I would run her through the TOT program (you can download this free off my site) and I would also devise a response (perhaps a water squirt gun) to the undesireable behaviour that I would implement a week after I had taught the desireable behaviours (in the TOT and OB training) so she has a way to access what she wants / needs.
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