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Thread: Please help!! GSP breaking into house

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    Default Please help!! GSP breaking into house

    My 5yr old German Shorthaird Pointer has had a problem breaking into the house since she was a puppy. But recently it has gotten very bad to the point she broke though a steel mesh security door, shredded her paws in the process and will keep going into she get's in. She is now getting through windows, by smashing through our fly scrreens. We've noticed that she only does this while we're not home. Please help, as we are extremely worried that she will get very badly hurt soon in the process
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    Is there a reason she is locked out? Could she maybe access a back room? She sounds like she is in a major panic. I would be talking to a behaviourist, depending where you are there may be people recommended by others on the forum.
    It does sound like your dog is having achard time as are you.

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    Install a dog door?

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    A bit more background info would be good .. how much exercise does she get, have you made any real effort to train her being home alone, do you have any stimulation activities in the yard for her, a bed/kennel, do your neighbours perhaps have dogs/cats that might be scaring her? etc ...

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    What happens once she gets in?

    Does she have a kennel or secure place to be when she's outside?

    I think if she didn't tear the place up when she does get in - I'd be leaving her inside while I was out. That's what I do with my dog. When she was little she had to stay in a crate - to prevent furniture and things I forgot to lock up being destroyed, and to confine were she could make a mess...

    But she's all good now. Sleeps on the couch till I get home.

    I don't like leaving her outside alone - because it's too easy for someone to do something bad to her. We have a public laneway over the back fence.

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