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Thread: Bull Arab- aggression

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    So very sorry that this has happened !

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    Sorry to hear it I have had issues with 2 females before and have been stupid enough to get bitten in the process of seperating, I now have one female and one male dog and things are a lot calmer at my place if the ocassion ever happens again for whatever reason go straight for the hose I found thats the best and safest way to seperate the dogs. RIP Panda

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    What Nehkbet said.

    You can't let the fights get started. None of this "to be expected" business. You protect all of your dogs, and you don't let any of them continue any of the warning signs towards aggressive behaviour. This may involve separating them, putting the new one out of sight of the others so it can't act on or get stressed out by perceived threats (whether real or not).

    It's sad that this is happened and there is plenty to learn in order to prevent it happening again should you get a new dog or the two you have left start to disagree over resources (often happens if one gets slow and decrepid before the other). If you do have dogs showing aggression towards each other whether "expected" or not - you can't leave them alone together.

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