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Thread: Fence barking

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    Once she is already barking it will be much harder to intervene. The ideal way to do this is to try shape her behaviour before she gets to that excitement stage. Try to observe her behaviour for a while. It is likely that she does show some specific behaviour before she actually runs off to go bark. Maybe just her looking in the direction of the fence, or something like that.
    That's right - I just want to add as well when we are in the front yard when she gets excited I just confidently make her calm to change her focus from the people/dog walking to me and people/dog walking on the street is normal and nothing to fear off.

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    Ive tried counter conditioning Pohm to not lunge at fence, works a treat, IF we are there, without us, she's back to lunging at fence, not barking, but goes behind the shed that meats the fence line and beats her tail against metal, makes a terrific din and add's to the 'scared moment' for passers by. She's happy, excited, and desparately wants to play with whatever is passing, and steal a hug from its owner. But scares the crap outta some folks.

    the only thing that has worked, is to keep her away from fence.

    With bernie, at our previous home, he'd fence barked for 6 mnths before i caught my neighbours in one day and we introduced the dogs to each other in park, walked home, went to both dog's gardens and played briefly there. No more barking at each other, now just whining. Great!

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    Banjo used to bark at the neighbours horses every time they'd go near the fence. I can't see them from the house because of the trees so I wouldn't know they were there until he started barking, so I walked over there and put him on a lead then walked him up and down the fence while the horses were still standing there, when he was calm and ignoring them he got a pat if he looked at them I corrected him. I only had to do this twice before he realised that they're allowed to be there.

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