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    Default hello im stacey

    hello im stacey, i live in victoria in a cold little town and have myself a cat and a dalmatian. unfortunately i have recently found out my dalmatian Bandit has an allergy to sunlight which causes him to break out in a rash all over his stomach even if the sunlight touches his tail or paws.
    im just curious as to if this is the type of site that can offer me assisstance in how i can explain to my 3 year old son that his beloved dog can no longer be with us and if anyone has ever experienced this type of illness with their dogs

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    Hi Stacey.

    I dont know about this allergy sorry. Just wanted to welcome you. There are some very cluey doggy peeps on here who might be able to steer you in the right direction.
    Poor Bandit
    Hope it all works out OK for you and your son.

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    Hello stacey and welcome

    I have to say I am not familiar with this particular allergy but know the poor Dalamation breed has suffered a great injustice due to poor breeding practices and inbreeding and over breeding that they are sadly prone to a significant numder of serious genetic disorders.
    There are groups overseas trying to save the breed using what they call "the dalmation backcross project" which happens rarely if at all in the dog breeding world, where by the breed is crossed to other breeds then back again on order to create a healthier dalmation breed again.

    As I know nothng of this condition, what has the vet suggested in regards to treatment or an outcome for your lovely dog?.
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    Hi Stacey, this just form a vet visit or have you had your Dog checked with a real allergy specialist....I had my dog allergy checked at Werribee.

    I do know that some Dally's do get this problem, but sometimes the simple allergies are given the same diagnosis.

    Hope it goes better for your dog
    Pets are forever

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    Bandit has been seeing a vet regularly for the past 12 months, she has also been talking with others about his condition and unfortunately all they could come up with was a sun allergy this was after countless medication change in diet change in environment medicated baths flea and worm treatments sunscreen and even having him stay inside all the time none of this has worked over the past month i have been able to observe his condition more closely and after my observations were mentioned to the vet his diagnosis of a sun allergy was made because our weather recently has gone from sunny to really cloudy and cold so i got to notice the changes in his skin coat temperament and his eating habits. ive been told i can continue trying to find a medication to ease his symptoms but unfortunately i dont agree with having my childs pet on medication for the rest of his life and it upsets my son alot to see his Bandit taking tablets and in pain

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    I've got no idea about sunlight allergies. I'd be really worried - because humans need some sunlight to function properly - it helps with bone growth (vitamin D) and brain development. I'd be guessing that dogs need some sunlight too.

    Does it matter what time of the day he goes out ie is early sun ok and it's midday sun that isn't.

    My dog has an allergy that I think is related to grass. She likes to drag her tummy on the grass to greet other dogs at the park, or just cos she likes the way it feels. I've been training her to sit on a mat on the lawn instead of the grass, and I think this is helping her a lot. Much less rash at the moment. That and the antihistamines.

    But to really get to the bottom of it - I'd need to take my dog to see an allergy specialist. And spend some time eg a month at a time, eliminating possible causes.

    If staying inside all the time - hasn't helped - how can it be a sun allergy?

    So if you're not willing to treat your dog for the problem, and you don't want the dog to be in pain - what are you going to do?

    And have you seen a specialist? A vet asking around their friends just may not cover enough possibilities. Especially when the people she's consulting haven't seen the dog or the dog's home environment.

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    Welcome from me, too. I know nothing of this and don't know much at all, about purebreds but it sounds very sad to have to deal with with such problems. Many people say it's best to get purebreds, but the days of finding the local enthusiast, are long gone and now, all I hear is horror stories, unless you spend months researching possible breeders. I so hope something is able to be done. It is so sad, as they are one of those breeds that in theory, as carriage dogs, should be so sound and so healthy. If you'd like to, I'm sure a lot of people would be very interested to understand about the problems and the treatment. Can anything be done? It sounds rather overwhelming to live with. A totally indoor dog? exercise with a running machine... and at the end of day, it's a loved family member. My best hopes for a miraculous improvement. I am so sorry.

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    Sorry. I have major problems with my keyboard jumbling my words and as usual I post and I'm out of date. Before you make the decision you seem to be leaning towards, could you let your dog go to a university teaching clinic and lab, where specialists teach young vets and bring in really difficult and unusual cases. They are usually very cheap, as the dogs are studied. They might even do it free, so the students learn. I am NOT advocating surrendering the dog for research, but for treatment BY researchers. They often have the latest research info and the best heads are trying to solve the problems. It's just a suggestion - but when you can look your son in the face, and say the best professors of Vet Science could find nothing to help, then, there can be no resentment of the last option.

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    hes not a total indoor dog because he is so big and the cat picks on him but when he was inside i would leave the door open so he could go to the toilet and sunlight through windows would bring out his severe rash. i have no idea about universities taking animals for student vets to study on as i live in a remote country town this is why my vet was consulting others for assistance i know she contacted the dalmatian club of victoria to see if they could help but they only said that it is a skin allergy and to treat it and it will go away which it didnt obviously. i had considered finding somewhere with less sun to get him rehoused but there is still the possibility of this causing him further harm, he has already started snapping at other dogs when he is generally a sulky playful dog with others, his only fear is cats, he is a gentle giant when it comes to people he knows and children but is on guard with strangers and has a horrible tendency to want to attack my sons father (which my cat does too). i really dont want to put him down as it will completely break my heart and my sons but i really am at my wits end with trying to get full answers only so many swab samples and video consults and vet consults and meds can be put upon a dog before they get fed up with it, he really is my second baby and i dont want to see him tortured i just had never heard of a sun allergy like this. i even moved house thinking it was the yard, the only thing that has changed is the amount of grass he eats, usually it was only eaten when my son gave it to him now hes eating it more and more and going off his dog food which is now all made for dogs with sensitive skin

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    Sorry to upset you. Big hugs. The students don't study 'on him'. I wouldn't suggest that. The uni gets experts, professors and leading specialists to treat and analyse the patients. The students just watch the experts and take notes, do the unskilled bandages, etc. It's heartbreaking and I think it's so rare that people don't know what to suggest. I only suggested the uni, as they do topnotch work with the best consultants and anyone who specialises and I know they are much cheaper than going directly to the experts, as these cases are so unusual or challenging, and are possibly the only chance the students would get to see rare conditions. You could just mention it to the vet?

    Sorry, just wondered, is your dog allergic to sunlight because it produces too much vitamin D, when in sunlight? Is the problem vit D - does that cause the rash? Or ultra sensitivity to sunlight on skin? Only answer if you want to. I think so many people reading this want to offer hugs and suggestions, but no one feels they know enough to help.

    I also just thought, there are places that do a 'onesie' for dogs. It's genuinely like a babygro, but with the underside open, for boys to pee. You could get a head neck piece, custom made, possibly a tail cover, to attach to to the onesie - I'm trying to remember WHERE I saw it. I think they even have feet in them. WHERE was I? I'd never seen them before. I'll try to find it.
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