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Thread: hello im stacey

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    Just popped in to say Hi
    and I feel sad for you and your dog..
    Hope you can find a cure or another way
    to help your dear dog..

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    Going back to some questions in your opening post for a minute. If you are thinking of letting him go, there is few if any ways to sugar coat it for kids.

    Kids do need a level of honesty, especially when they are being involved in something that will upset them. Kids should learn about life and death as they grow up, and it's never nice. But it can be sensible and accomodating of the emotions involved. So we say things like, "it's ok to be sad. I feel sad too." Share the grieving so it's not a mysterious and scary thing.

    Your son knows the dog has been seing the doctor on and off for a while now? And he knows the dog is having medicine? So there is probably already a level of concern and worry there.

    But explaining euthansia to a toddler is tricky as they may try and relate it to people and become fearful when friends or relatives get sick. Perhaps saying things like "He has to go to the animal hospital again today because he is so sick. He might die if the vet cannot fix him." Perhaps back that up with an idea of what will happen then, we will miss him but we can draw some pictures and writes some stories of what we did together and how much fun we had and make them into a book we can keep forever.

    Phew. Not a good situation I'm sorry.

    If you are still seeking options a bodysuit may well work. They can be made from UV resistant lycra type fabric, like a sun shirt for kids. It wouldn't be guaranteed. We used to have polar fleece pyjamas when we had foster greyhounds as our climate is cold like yours. They covered from behind the ears to the wrists, and down the back legs. Boys had an opening on the belly for peeing, but a band with velcro kept it fairly snug up against the penis area which would limit any sun exposure to the underside. And an opening up the back for pooing. Our greys lived in them over winter, with a warmer or waterproof rug over the top if they were going outside.

    Let us know how you get on, and hugs to you and your little boy.

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