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Thread: Bit slow introducing Missy and self

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    Hi and welcome Heather, your retirement to a miner's cottage on the York Peninsula with a new puppy to spend time with sounds fantastic.

    Love the photos of Jess, dear old dog, it's so sad to lose them and we never forget them. Every time I read a story like yours I tear up, softie that I am

    Have fun with Missy ... you'll get heaps of help and info from all the friendly people here and have some laughs along the way ...

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    Thank you. Yes, have had a mix over the years. Our very first family dog--Bob. Was my Mum's--dear old Bob. My sister and I taught one trick--to go and sit on a box in the back yard. When ever we couldn't find him--that is where he was! As a young girl watching my Mum care for old Bob as he aged so towards the end, cleaning his ears for him and all the rest--I learnt what it meant to "own a dog". Well before the days where a Vet would "put them to sleep". Our old Bob died quietly on a Christmas eve laying in our drive way as though nothing was wrong! Following Bob was a run of "sausage dogs". Long ones, fat ones, short ones, black ones, long haired, short haired, wired haired--and Mum and Dad doted on them all. I can still see my Dad picking up "Horrie" in his arms and crossing the road in front of his house so that Horrie could have his run in the park. It was indeed a sad day when they realised that they could not care for another dog. Jon and I have had 2 magnificent quld blue heelers --Ned and Kelly, and my sweet little Poodle--Didhe--and yes he did! Following was a red kelpie "Billy" who must have had a hard young puppiehood, and then a magnificent black and tan kelpie when we were up north "Tina"--tragically bated, that I never want to experience again. And then our $10 Jess. So breed really doesn't matter. Her major problem was to eat purple petunias in abundance--we nearly lost her at that time--IV drips the lot! To me it is was we put into our animals--even Billy in her own way gave back--just with some reservations. This Missy is just giving me her whole.
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