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    Hi my name is Emma, and I have a couple of dogs. one is an old dog now. He was a rescue.

    We had some problems training him, and as we are looking for another dog sometime in the not too far future,I would like to know more about training. I have heard that purebred dogs have problems and I wanted to find out more about this. I will be grateful for any advice.

    I would like to put in some photos, but do not know how to do that. Perhaps when I learn more.

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    Hey Emma, welcome to the forum mate! When you figure out how to put some pics up, would love to see your pooches

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    Welcome to the forum Emma

    The problem isn't really with pure bred dogs. Every breed can have their own illnesses and issues that they are more susceptible to. It all depends on the quality of the breeder you find. A good breeder will selectively breed dogs and do all the necessary health testing before hand to ensure you get the healthiest puppy you can.

    To upload pictures, you can either you a website like and upload them in there and then post into the forum using the IMG code, or you can click on the picture frame in the tools bar above the comment section and it will let you upload directly from your computer.

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    Welcome to the forum, Emma

    It doesn't matter where you get your dog from, there are good people and dodgy people anywhere you might get a dog. So it's up to you to do lots of research (not just from the source website), maybe ask us what we think of a particular dog or ad etc.

    Pet Rescue is pretty good. They do actually boot people they know are not desexing their dogs before adopting or do other dodgy things.

    With the ANKC registered breeders - it's a bit tricker but going to dog shows or club meets is a good way to find out what people are doing and make your own decisions about how much the puppies and parents get looked after.

    If someone says they are "registered" but they're not listed with their local ANKC affiliate (you can phone and check) - then I'd run away because that's misleading. What it means is they're registered to breed puppies with their local government council. And there are a bunch of laws about microchipping and vaccinations that vary from state to state - if someone is selling puppies in a state that requires microchipping - and they say you have to get the dog microchipped - then again - there is something wrong.

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    How do I avoid supporting puppy farms - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase.

    How do I find a good dog breeder - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase.
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    Volhard Dog Training and Nutrition Behavior and Training Behavior.This one - you can pick and choose bits, unless you're wanting to do high level sports with dog, it doesn't need to get 100% on this test. Some bits of it are more important than others, I just picked "the friendly dog". Which has turned out great. Unless you're the meter reader.

    What is a 'registered breeder' - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase.

    labradoodle sorry Science The Guardian.
    Pantone Poodles - Poodle Info - Whats in a Doodle.

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    I too was really worried about these sorts of things and I am not exaggerating with I tell you that it took me 3 years to find a breeder I wanted a puppy from. Just try and see as many of the family as possible. I have met my dog's parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, great aunts etc and they were all dogs I wanted to own. Odds are if you want to own every dog in the family, you will like the resulting puppy. I also liked that she had great grandparents and great aunts that were like 13 years old and still running around on the farm. Demonstrated 2 things to me, firstly, the breeder really loved her dogs and was serious about breeding dogs that you'd want by your side for 13+ years that form super strong bonds, and secondly of course that the dogs were healthy.

    I meet plenty of dobermans and doberman crosses that have terrible genetic problems and come from what I consider to be stock unfit for breeding. Doesn't mean I couldn't find a healthy and intelligent doberman (cross) that has proven to be the perfect dog for me - just have to put the hard yards in. I still actively visit new breeders all the time when I hear about one that I think might be in line with my values. Just last year I visited breeders in NSW, QLD and WA lol and I now know of a few great breeders that I would be honoured to adopt a puppy from. Seems worth it when you think about the fact that the right dog can be your best friend and a huge part of your life for over a decade. 2 dogs is more than enough for me at the moment though!

    Looking forward to seeing the photos of your dog

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    I'd like to extend a warm welcome to the forum and kudos to you for asking questions,especially some that even the most seaoned,hardy of us hesitate to ask .

    Very much look forward to seeing some photos

    If you have any great dramas getting the photos up just yell,one of us will be around and be glad to help

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    Hi Emma

    Hi my name is Donna

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