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    Default Hi everyone

    Hi everyone

    I am new to the forum and would like to know more about the breed I am after,
    English Staffy.

    I used to have 2 GSP which we always take for hunting. The 2 dogs are fun and
    so active.

    As mentioned, I am in a hunt for a great Staffy as a family companion, it will be
    around with Myself, My partner and our 2 years old son.

    If anyone can comment if I am in the right path of owning a Staffy please do share
    it PM or post. I'm also after for good and bad points of the breed.



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    awesome choice of dog, ive got one myself....... jsut make sure that all the health testing has been done on the parents, and you get the dog from a reputable breeder..... where abouts are you located?
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    Yep, find yourself a good breeder to purchase one from.

    Staffies make excellent pets. They are kind of crazy though lol they love everyone and everything! Fairly easy to train, however you need to be consistent because they sometimes like to push the boundaries.

    Socialising from an early age is very important as well.

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    I know it is picky but just an FYI some breeders don't like them being referred to as "English" Staffys, because really there is no English in their true breed name - Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Staff/Staffy.

    In relation to finding good breeders. The advice is the same for all breeds.

    Make sure you can view both parents, and that both parents are friendly with other dogs and people. If one of the parents is kept away ask why and if it sounds suspect walk away.

    Make sure they do health testing on the parent dogs this is not a vet check this is testing for specific breed related illnesses such as Hip Displaxia, Ataxia etc, contact your State's SBT Club for information on what health checks should be done.

    They should be registered with your State canine control body and ANKC as a registered breeder.

    They should be breeding for health and temperament first and foremost NOT colour. If they are breeding and selling for specific colours (like blue and charging more for it especially) then steer clear. Blue dogs have a high incidence of skin problems. If you want a blue coloured dog make sure it comes from 1 blue parent and 1 other coloured parent. 2 blue dogs should never be mated.

    Ask to see the parents Pedigree Papers.

    Websites can look pretty but can be deceptive. A good place to start looking for breeders are at shows. Look up your State Canine Control body for upcoming shows.

    Go to either an all breeds show or a Staffy specific show. Look for dogs that you like the look of then try to speak with the breeders.

    Ask lots of questions and expect to be asked a lot of questions.

    But don't be afraid to look outside of your State, you might have to go to another state to get the dog that best suits you.

    And most of all do breed research, make sure you know as much as you can about the breed, its temperament and why you want one. This will be things breeders will expect and ask of you.
    Try to meet as many of the dogs as possible to be sure they really are the breed you are looking for.

    They are a great breed, very people orientated, love attention, should really be allowed inside the house with their family. Requires good socialisation, no matter which way you go about it they were once bred down from bull and dog fighters and they can be dog selective or aggressive if not socialised right so be prepared to spend the first 8 weeks socialising the hell out of the dog, and then even be prepared for a dog who may decide it doesn't "like" all other dogs.
    They need leadership (please note I do not mean an "alpha"), someone who is calm and collected and will enforce the rules (without hitting, screaming, kicking losing their cool etc). They need decent fencing, they may be small but they can jump and climb.
    If you are in Victoria then please purchase a papered dog from a reputable breeder (you should always do this anyways but is especially important in Vic).
    Find a good dog training company and do as many classes as you can, the more training the better.

    If you tell us your general location members here might be able to advice on where to go to shows, good breeders and good trainers in your area.
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    Welcome pgk1776

    Like the others said - if you want a purebred registered with the ANKC staffy - best to call them "Staffordshire Bull Terriers" (or SBT). The others get called American Staffies or AmStaff OR American Staffordshire Terrier (no bull) is ok too.

    My brother has an SBT, she's gorgeous. He spent a bit of time making sure she was good with other dogs, kids and recently good with his new kitten - now a rather bossy cat. But sadly she can't be left alone with chooks. Whether your new puppy is good with children and other dogs will be up to you to allow your puppy to safely meet as many children and other dogs from as young as possible, ongoing. You need to protect your puppy from dangerous children and dogs as much preventing any naughty social behaviour by the puppy.

    If you would like one of reasonably predictable health and temperment - it's best to go with an ANKC registered breeder - but avoid the breeders of "blue" staffies. Those dogs tend to have major skin problems including mange, and do not exactly meet the breed standard (something wrong with the nose colour). And some "blue" SBT breeders rip customers off. Ie they're being bred for looks and profit - not for health and to better the breed. So you may end up with ongoing expensive vet bills with a blue SBT.

    If you want to meet the people who are serious about their staffies - contact these people
    SBTS of NSW inc

    If you don't really care what you get exactly as long as it's fairly staffy - then you can get a puppy or a dog from here.
    PetRescue - find your new best friend!

    I got a 10 week old super friendly Australian Cattle Dog cross from Animal Welfare League - so do consider a puppy from a rescue.

    Avoid buying from internet classifieds or pet shops. Home of very dodgy puppies with high risk of poor social and health. Responsible breeders - with the ANKC or not - do these things.

    What is a responsible companion animal breeder? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase
    You want in writing that your puppy's breeder will take the dog back if you can't keep it for whatever reason. Most responsible puppy breeders want the best for their puppies, they have waiting lists of would be buyers, and they would much prefer you give the dog back than dump it at the pound.

    These links should help you with info to make a good choice.
    Choosing a puppy | RSPCA Australia | For all creatures, great & small.
    How old should a puppy be before they are adopted/purchased? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    And this is a database of genetic problems you want to avoid - by breed. So you'd be looking to see evidence that both parents are clear of the main problems associated with SBT.
    LIDA Dogs - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

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    Much appreciated for the replies - I am located at Mac Arthur Area NSW just border of Sydney - Very keen to meet anyone from the area and most specially those who have great knowledge with Staffy like the people above. I will keep this space updated - I am looking for 2 weeks now and I will guarantee that I will be Picky :-) thanks again everyone.

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    I looked for the right puppy for about a year and a half... And if you choose a great breeder - the gestation of a dog is about 9 weeks and then you need to wait 8 weeks before you can take the puppy home. The breeder can wait another 6 months or longer for their chosen bitch to come in season and be ready to mate. So that's 4 months to 12 months lead time - for the best dogs.

    Pays to be patient. But you might get lucky and make friends with a breeder and they will get someone pike out of their puppy buy and you'd be in early.

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    I am creating a new thread in the general section for dogs I am after - thanks everyone

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