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Thread: Doug and Dog Downunder

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    Cool Doug and Dog Downunder

    Gee. I wish I'd found this forum before.

    I travelled around Australia under canvas for 10 months in 2010, with faithful hound, Busta, a Jack Russell x,
    then settled in Tasmania for a year, now I'm off to the UK.
    I've lived in Australia for most of the past 25 years, the last 4 with Busta, but now my roots are calling (Wales).
    I could have swapped stories about my experiences travelling with a dog.
    I've found Australia quite restrictive about where dogs could go.
    No entry to National Parks of course, most councils anti, very few dog parks, etc etc.
    And as for getting a beer in a pub with my dog sat at my feet, forget it.
    So it was a self-sufficency trip: cater for myself at a camp site, and sometimes I could let Busta off his lead.

    Still, for all that, it was a good experience, and I wouldn't have done it without him for quids.

    Back in the UK, there are still many pubs that allow dogs to sit with you, so I'm looking forward to that.
    That's more like my younger memories.

    I'll miss Australia a lot; it's a great place, but not for its official attitude to dogs.

    If there's not a topic already called "Travelling with Dogs", I'll start one,
    as Busta is about to spend 30 hours in a crate travelling to London.

    Oh, yes - I'm a retired old fart with a a brilliant dog as a companion. Bless 'im.
    Good to be here in the forum.

    Doug&Dog (also my name on

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    I can't wait to hear some stories.

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    Yay, someone else who thinks the Australian dog laws are unnecessarily strict! I grew up in Belgium. Dogs are still allowed on public transport (gotta pay a ticket for them if they cannot sit on your lap for the journey). And they used to be allowed even in restaurants! Not sure if the latter is still possible now. I used to be a waitress on weekends for years and I loved it if people brought their dog. Of course they had to lie quietly under the table. You can generally take your dogs into stores that don't sell food too. It is a great incentive for people to ensure that their dogs are well trained. Here lots of the laws seem to be aimed at discouraging people from taking their dogs anywhere, which is not an incentive to train your dogs to behave well in public places.

    I would love to go traveling with my dog some time. But it is annoying that so many places are off limit.

    Look forward to hearing more about your travels and Busta.

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    Welcome to this Forum.........Would still be great to hear your stories. My hubby is Welsh, from Rumney..........Yes I also find the laws too restrictive in Australia.........Would love to take dogs to more places like some other countries.
    Pets are forever

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    Hi Welcome to the forum!

    There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

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    Thank you, people, for your kind welcomes.
    A couple of you asked for stories of my travels. Here's one.

    We (me and Busta) travelled the back road from Cooktown to Cape Tribulation.
    It's pretty rough and steep and I wouldn't do it in the wet.
    My car was configured with a cargo barrier at the back of the driver/passemger seats,
    with a hole cut out so Busta could poke his nose through.
    If he wanted to stop for a pee, he would just nudge my shoulder.
    But we couldn't stop on this track and we bounced around for 60kms taking several hours.
    The last creek crossing was pretty wide but safely through we searched for a good camp spot.
    Cape Trib is mostly National Park, of course, but there was a private campground in it.
    The sign said "No Dogs", but the manager was in a good mood, so he said, park down the bottom
    away from the others, keep him under control and you'll be fine.
    As it happened it was a better spot, near the bush and beach, but why do we always have to feel like second class citizens?
    Several Park Managers have told me that kids are more trouble than dogs !

    Anyway, camped up, we settled down to relax.
    Busta was in the back of the car, high up, as I have drawers.
    Too high for him to jump down I thought.

    I heard Busta bark - unusual for him - he's a quiet dog.
    I tuned around, and there in my small waste bin, was a 4 foot goanna.
    Before I could react and Busta lept out of the back of the car to take the goanna on.
    he was in 'our space' after all. Dogs are very territorial.
    Goanna runs off into the bush with Busta after it.
    Embarrased because I'm on the fringe of a National Park, I yelled at him.
    But no they wre both in the bush.

    Just 2 seconds later, I heard a primordial roar, then half a second after that
    Busta came running out back to me and jumoped into my arms.

    If he could have spoken I think he would have said
    "Dad, that's a BIG ONE"
    I can only only assume that the Goanna turned on him, and he high tailed it out, Fast !

    Brave Busta.

    Later, the Goanna came back, and I managed to snap a picture.
    I don't show it Busta in case it brings back bad memories of his encounter.

    Just one memorable event in a 10 month trip.

    Doug & Dog


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    Great story Thank you
    Pets are forever

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    Great story Doug. Keen to hear more stories of your adventures.
    Travelling overseas with my dog is actually the reason I joined yesterday. Looking forward to you imparting your wisdom on the topic

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    Ha,ha...They can be a bit intimidating those big lizzy's. What sort of 4x4 where ya driving? We did cape trib when i was a little tacker. I'll get back there soon, the goals to get right to the tip, up the Old telegraph track.

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