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    Hi dog lovers

    Just thought I would introduce myself on this forum. I have joined a couple of forums over the last week, just to be able to speak with like minded people and dog lovers like myself.

    I recently lost my best friend, a pure bred tri-colour collie called Shadow. He was my life for 15 yrs, and was the most beautiful boy in every single way. I miss him everyday, when you are inseperable for 15 yrs it will no doubt take a very very long time to come to terms with it.
    I thought I would post a piccie of him (he's in my dp too).

    Currently my partner and I are looking to welcome a little ball of fluff into our lives mid next year. My picks for a pup are a samoyed (partners allergies permitted), golden retriever or a border collie. Of course I have done extensive research on each breed, and luckily met all of them.
    Would love to learn even more, hence why I am here

    Cant wait to get to know you all

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    Welcome Christine and I am sorry your Shadow has passed away but I bet 15 years adds up to a lot of really nice memories to remember. Just be aware when you do get your new fluff ball that photos are obligatory and it is great to see you are doing your research well in advance.

    ALL kittens are devil spawn wrapped in cuteness!

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    Hi and Welcome!
    sorry to hear about shadow, i know how it feels...
    good luck with finding a new pup

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    Thank you both!

    kdee Yes so many memories over 15 yrs, and all beautiful ones.

    I will most definitely post MANY photos when the new ball of fluff arrives!

    maddogdodge koda and dodge are GORGEOUS! look at their faces... awwww

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    Hi christineshadow, welcome!
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    Your story is very similar to mine.
    I lost my best mate after 13 years about 3 months ago and it wasnt easy. I joined the forum not that long ago because it was time to get another canine companion and i was after advice. It was a wierd feeling getting a new pup after so long. They excitment and joy but also some guilt about replacing a best mate. It still creeps up on me every now and then , i'm not sure if it will ever leave but i dont regret getting another dog. It has helped me move on a bit. Shadow looks like a lovely dog. 15 is a awesome innings. You where blessed to have him for that long and i'm sure he meant the world to you.
    Golden Retrievers are awsome dogs, that would be my pick of the breeds your looking at.
    Anyway welcome to the forum.

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    Hi ChristinesShadow

    Welcome, sorry to hear about your loss.

    Have you thought about a nova scotia duck tollinig retriever or a finnish lapphund? Just to add a bit of extra work to your research.

    Or maybe a smooth coat collie (short coat).

    Or for the allergy challenged - a lagotto, bedlington terrier or portuguese water dog.

    Or even a kelpie? There's loads of kelpies that need good homes and soon (because of Red Dog the movie ) there will be loads more at the rescues.

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    Sean, I definitely felt blessed to have shared 15 yrs with my beloved friend. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss Only 3 months ago, it must still be so very hard. Shadow passed away 2 months ago, and my heart still hurts. I have good days and bad days. But there is never a day that passes that I don't think of him.
    I am so glad you mentioned guilt, I too sometimes feel guilty when I am looking for puppy breeders. But I will always remember what the vet of shadow said to me (she is an amazing woman!). She said you will one day welcome another dog into your life, and he/she will never replace shadow, it will just fufil another chapter in your life. It is so true.

    Hi Beau! x

    Hyacinth, thank you so much for mentioning other breeds. I have done alot of research over the years of breeds I think would suit my lifestyle in the future - I am a dog nut!
    I remember seeing a nova scot
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    I used to get 'tollers completely muddled up with border collies...

    And confuse border collies and aussie shepherds. And coolies and kelpies...

    I'm getting marginally better at telling them apart now.

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    Hyacinth, I don't know where the rest of my post went... maybe it was too long haha
    Yes they can be hard to tell apart!
    Nova scotia duck tolled retrievers, I have thought they are gorgeous dogs. I don't know too much about them though. They have a gorgeous coat.
    Your dog is so cute in your banner!!! It's so funny how they find their own little spots. I found Shadow in his younger days in a wheel barrow... he was all curled up and looked quite comfy ... funny little things!

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