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Thread: BIG Sydney Hello

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    Quote Originally Posted by christineshadow View Post
    Hyacinth, I don't know where the rest of my post went... maybe it was too long haha
    Yes they can be hard to tell apart!
    Nova scotia duck tolled retrievers, I have thought they are gorgeous dogs. I don't know too much about them though. They have a gorgeous coat.
    Your dog is so cute in your banner!!! It's so funny how they find their own little spots. I found Shadow in his younger days in a wheel barrow... he was all curled up and looked quite comfy ... funny little things!
    haha i have found both Dodge and Koda in the wheelbarrow at different times, they're so funny
    Kelpies are amazing dogs if you want a dog with loads of energy!
    have you ever considered an Australian shepherd? they are just so friendly and they just loooove to be with their person/s

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    hahaha I was actually imagining them in there at the same time, I am sure if they could they would!

    In my post that got chopped in half, I actually said that my partner and I couldn't get a breed of dog we already owned... we think we would make too many comparisons. He had a gorgeous kelpie, full of energy till his last days. An amazing dog, lived till 15 and no joke could run with the best of them!

    Australian Shepherds are stunning, just look at Koda! They have gorgeous temperaments, definitely will do some more research

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    I think the temptation to compare could be there no matter what the dog.

    I find each new dog is so different from the last that I can't "compare". The last family dog my mum had - was extremely clever and a very fast learner. We didn't have to figure out how to teach her something new, we just asked her to do it and she did pretty much.

    Frosty looks completely different, and acts completely different but has the same ancestry/breed ie farm dog bitsa cattle dog and probably BC and kelpie. But she seems much "thicker" or slower to learn - or I have to be more precise, I haven't figured out which yet but I've never had to work so hard to train a dog. And I can't use any punishment because she just freaks out and has no idea what she's not meant to do. So possibly the softest dog I've ever had.

    That's Frosty in the avatar too. What you get when the flash goes off at dusk trying to get a picture of dog. Her in the tarp - she likes to help when I'm pitching a tent or folding or unfolding tarps etc. I don't know what she thinks she's doing. I try to direct the help a little bit more these days by telling her where to sit on the tarp...

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    from another sydney dweller

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