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Thread: Hey Everyone!

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    Clarebear- Thank you...That would be compton, he is a goof ball...They are a great python, shame about the other halfs phobia, although he will have to face his fear at some time or another.
    Thanks you. Yeah they are a good looking bunch. we have mum, dad & son, they are such beautiful and kind natured dogs, but they make horrible guard dogs. They are a great breed to own.

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    Hi Sammie & welcome! Love love love the pictures of your furbabies!!! Also love the bearded dragons... snakes not so much :P heehee!
    Waiting on pics of the rats though, I miss my pet rats... had them yrs ago but we now have a cat as well and she's a monster she would eat them, lol.

    A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself

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