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    Hi, I had pictures of Bender under my profile... I managed to upload a picture of Nibbler just now.. He's the blue merle.. I'm having a bit of difficulty with some of the pictures (Think it's because I took them on a HD camera).

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    G'dayand welcome here.
    You will get some real good advice on here.
    All you have to do is post the question and I am certain someone will sooner or later answer.
    As with all forums you do have to pick and chose the ones you take advice from.
    Some come with an agenda and some like me and you come to be apart of a community as this forum is.
    So you will work out who is okay and who are not. And I will say just make up your own mind.

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    Well come nib i hope you enjoy dog forum
    If you are reading this then you're doing just fine as to
    I'm not going to tell ya I lost the ' , . ? ! " Keys to my head
    No grammar no problem I don't know how to fly it any way Bye

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    Default sounds like an intriguing cross. Our Tessa is a Border collie cross Golden retriever. She is a very clever easy to train dog.
    it is always very sad to loose an old friend, I am sorry for your loss. but puppies have a way to make you smile again.
    Sometimes it is easier to use a photo sharing site such as photobucket, flicker or webshots (I use that). I use a HD camera and have no problems. I love photography.....And dogs are my favourite subject
    Pets are forever

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