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    Hello to everyone..

    I joined here in order to find some help with a couple of issues we have at the moment and also to hopefully help out someone else or just to have a nice chat or discussion..

    We, that is my boyfriend, I and Jazz and Mack. Jazz is a 3 year old black lab girl and Mack is a 2 year old Ridgeback with a bit of Rottie in him (one great great parent). Our pooches live a pretty happy life. When we re home they are inside with us and at night they sleep on their beds in our bedroom. They get walked a fair bit and nearly every second day we go for a swim, as we live close to the water. My Ridgey has grown into a giant dog, last time about half a year ago he was 83kg at the vet, and there is not much fat on him.. but he hasnt got a clue, he is a kitten and the happiest dog I have come across. Our lab girl is also a winner, typical lab, tail always waggin and as loyal as a dog can be.

    However we do have a couple of issues at the moment. Jazz has already got hip problems, which have improved since she is on joint guard. The real issues at the moment are her breaking out and him being a bit noisy in the mornings.. or so the neighbours say. But I'll start a thread for that as I am in need of some advise.

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. I havnt been here long myself and have found everyone to be very helpfull.
    My 1st dog was a Lab and my 2nd a Ridgy so i'm liking your dogs already. 83 kg's wow !!

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