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    Hi My name is Krystyna I reside in Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA. I grew up with all sorts of animals in my life.. As a little girl with European parents who lived on a farm in their home land we had the basic farm animals, CHICKENS, DUCKS, RABBITS, PIG, COW & a GOAT besides DOGS & CATS
    In my adult life (now I am a young 61) I have had VARIOUS pets... a MEXICAN RED LEG TARANTULA bought as a Valentine gift by me for my then current boyfriend in New York USA, Aquarium FISH, various breeds of ("Boutique" Shih Tzu Lhaso Apso & Poodlles) DOGS, birds being CANARIES, AFRICAN LOVE BIRDS, COCKATIELS, 2 discarded Mice that I adopted & very quickly became 89....Now I have 2 adorable & VERY smart TOY POODLES (black) Tiffany & (cream) Billie who at this writing is only 4 months old a new "sister for Tiffany who lost her black toy poodle sister - LUCY to an enlarged heart, so I guess one could say I LOVE ANIMALS OF ALL TYPES more so than the 2 legged type.
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    89 mice!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Welcome Krystyna! That's certainly quite a zoo you have!

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    I had to laugh as the Tarantula as a Valentine's gift too! My kind of warped humour...

    I like poodles. We had a poodle/terrier cross when I was a child. I used to teach him to act in little plays I invented. Smart dogs indeed. And I love how light they are. I have a very fragile back and I hate it when dogs jump up on me, except for poodles. They feel as light as birds.

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