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Thread: G'day from Bec

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    Sounds like Tank had SAS (sub aortic stenosis) or some other slightly rarer valve problems which is genetic and very common in some giant breeds.........Some Breeders are having their dogs DNA tested pre-breeding and getting the pups checked at ten weeks to see if they have it ( if the parents were not tested). Sadly there is still quite a few around. I had my dogs checked for the same
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    Quote Originally Posted by newfsie View Post
    welcome Bec and Ozzie.....I am an avid fan of Ian Dunbar, so I have attached a link to his "puppy biting"

    Puppy Biting by Ian Dunbar Put the Pen to the Paper
    After reading the link you suggested I did a little more research on Ian Dunbar and I found a download off one of his websites "dogstar" It was the entire book of "After the puppy is home" I read it all neally yesterday while my daughter was at gymnastics. When we got home I tried a few of the training ideas and they all worked almost instantly. The only one we strugged with was "speak" It worked but he also jumped and snapped a little at the same time as barking.

    thanks for the suggestion I will continue with his ideas and I am going to look into ordering more of his books. Is there any book in particular you could suggest that I should look out for?

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