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Thread: Hello!! From Myself and My Little Dachshund

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    Smile Hello!! From Myself and My Little Dachshund


    My name is Caitlyn and my puupy's name is Noodle (husband named him). He is a chocolate dapple short haired miniture (well he is a bit bigger than mini at 6.5 kgs) dachshund. You can see him on the 'Longdogs WA' website.

    He is the first puppy I have ever had and I just love him to bits! My husband has had a dog before who was unruly and terribly untrained. So we are trying hard to get the upper hand on Noodle so he will be a welll behaved and submissive dog.

    He is 7 months now and doing just great. I think he knows who's boss to an extent. But he still tries it on. He knows he can get away with more from me than my hubby. He's a real sook when hubby is not around and loves his cuddles. I have turned into a real dog lover and love all breeds and all types! We live in the Bayswater area of Perth and so have some beautiful spots for walkies and exploring.

    I'm really keen to find where the best accomodation is for Dogs around Perth WA, particularly Margaret River area. I'm keen on taking Noodle on a camping trip someday soon now that the weather is getting 'springlike'.

    Thankyou, look forward to being a part of the group.


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    Hi and welcome

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    I also know of a Mini Foxy called Noodle. Great name, I love it!
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    Hi there and welcome
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    Welcome Noodledox

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