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    Some of you may recognise me from another dog forum....Hi .
    My previous username was fuzzy_dragonfly, and I am proud owner of a white staffy "Sui" (3 yrs) and two senior citzen chihuahuas "Peppy" (14yrs) and "Lily" (12 yrs)
    Unfortunately slow internet prevents me from uploading photos for the moment .

    Following an unpleasant event on another forum and requesting a voluntary suspension of account I've had time to think through a lot of things. Number one I'm now convinced I never want to be a registered breeder and showing probably isn't in my best interests either. If we do have our dream and buy acerage our plan now is to become foster carers .

    Sui is a very high energy staffy. I used to refer to her as 'hypo' but since walking a few pound dogs realise she is far from 'hypo'. We even considered training from Lamarra Canine but have since discovered my doggy probably isn't that bad she needs special help, I am most likely going to be able to solve problems with a bit of perseverence. I made the mistake of comparing her to the top trained obedience dogs at our club.
    She's definately excitable but not out of control....we nearly passed to next level obedience last week! Our weak points are the stand for exam and two minute drop stay.

    We are also expecting shortly . Sui will soon have a new brother from Renbury Farm Animal Shelter.
    We tried a few dogs with Sui but shelter staff recommended a male pup. Max is a border collie x staffy mix, about 8 weeks old and as cute as a button.
    After a short very excited intro Sui and Max started getting on like a house on fire . Max has come out of shell a lot over the last couple days, so far we've visited him at the shelter every day but unfortunately can't make it tomorrow or Saturday . Gonna miss him so bad not seeing him :'( .
    He comes home on the 9th and for us that day can't come soon enough!

    Anyway, thought it would be handy to reconnect with the online doggy community to discuss any issues and ways we can overcome them. I'm a bit anxious and excited about the new arrival.

    Quick question, keeping in mind Sui is much larger and boofier...and a staffy. Is it best to keep Sui and Maxie seperated for the first few days and allow supervised play at first?
    I'd rather not chuck them in the deep end and shove them in the same yard hoping they will play nice. If something does go wrong I won't be there to prevent it!
    Any advice on introducing a new pup to the family would be appreciated.
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    what an interesting combination of dogs you have.
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    I have the best of the doggy spectrum I recon .
    The chi's actually belong to my OH, but they're ours now . Not nippy or yappy...but these days spend much of their time as glorified couch warmers. So they aren't extrodinarily exciting either , but I suppose they can't help that at their age.

    Staffies aren't an especially popular breed for obedience, but I'm glad we found each other anyway. Sui helped me become a more assertive person with more confident body language. It's been a challenge at times but I'm greatful for the experience she's given me.

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    Welcome to the forums

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    Just been around lurking at some of the more interesting topics.

    I've decided it might be better off to start off with a bit of honesty in how I aquired my first dog. I kept it confidential given there are some very passionate people on another forum who maybe don't realise it isn't always black and white. Maybe there's a handfull that feel passionately here too.

    So I'll explain how I came to aquire Sui.

    I knew I was ready for a pet dog long before I got my boof. Didn't know much about breeds and didn't have many good experiences with dogs under my belt either. I had and still have a pet ferret that I walked on harness to "paws in the park" - a local event because I didn't have a pet dog. One thing I was certain of was that I would be a responsible owner. I did a bit of research as best as I could with my limited experience and no knowledgable friends to assist and contacted a dally breeder via e-mail who shunned me, dallys were supposed to be good with small animals and about the right size of dog I wanted, plus look really funky (can't recall the kennel name). Next point of contact was the RSPCA shelter who pretty much did the same when they discovered I had no experience, I might have been unlucky and got an extra nasty attendant that day.

    One weekend I was walking around in Boot hill markets and saw a gorgeous white staffy with her 3 siblings crammed in a cage $600 price tag. The breeder was there, I asked if he was registered, naturally he said no. I asked if they were microchipped, indeed they were and he also presented me with her vaccination certificate too. I knew when I held her in my arms she would be mine. I advised the breeder if I purchased her because she wasn't registered she'd be desexed, he was reluctant and said he'd rather someone that breeds her takes her because she's "purebred", but a fistfull of $50s quickly changed his mind. Indeed she was desexed .

    The breeder gave me his phone number and after some persistant calls he released the numbers of his dog's breeders so I was able to trace up to grandparents who nearly all originated from pet stores. I was pleased to find no outstanding behavioural problems in the last two generations (not to excude the possibility there may have been prior) but birthing difficulties were a factor on both sides which explains why two of my pup's siblings were still born .

    Everything was going well till naughty puppy stage. Sui would almost rip my arm out on walks especially around other dogs. Luckily, I was at another local doggy event, a local training club put me onto the halti which was a godsend and secondly advised me about a dog training club that operates on a night I don't work. I've always requested my roster be to accomodate my doggies training needs since. We live at St Helen's Park and have been attending DeerBush Dog training at Fairfield for 2.5 years (about 40minutes drive every Tuesday night). Training my doggy has ended in many sessions of tears and fustration but in learning I grew to love training and the company of dogs around me.

    My boisterous baby always craved a bit of playtime with other dogs but I never let her play with strange dogs since a scuffle at the local leash free park and the chihuahuas aren't very responsive to her invitations to play. So over the past 6 months my OH and I discussed a rescue. We did plan early next year after the Christmas pups start getting surrendered, but I suppose a few months difference isn't going to hurt.

    Yes I probably supported something I should have, but I always look at it from the perspective that I've prevented my dog from having a litter. Prevented unwanted pups and I don't for a second regret getting her.
    Not only that I now have experience being a dog owner .

    So hopefully that explains a bit, hopefully you don't judge me too harshly for chosing to obtain my first dog the way I did. I know the situation wasn't ideal and I didn't do an exhausive search for breeders. It only really takes one bad response when you don't have any experience in the dog community and I was frightened to contact another only to be let down a second time.

    I've had a lot of grand ideas with getting show dogs, earning titles, registering prefixes if we were sucessful at show. But have since come to the conclusion the world doesn't need another dog breeder, registered or not.

    So there you go I have not more skeletons in my closet. Hopefully I can make a few friends and at least have a second chance to start fresh using online resources to help share information about our furbabies.
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    I don't see anything wrong with how you acquired her. I think many people will also have purchased animals in the past from bybs, pet shops and other places. It isn't illegal and it is normal and common.

    These days, with a growing educated public, I hope that less are purchased this way. But it certainly doesn't make you a villian. My Pug Boofy is a byb dog. My cat Molly was purchased 15 years ago from a pet shop by me, for my mother.
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    Cheers Anne,

    There are times I felt guilty and still do. What's more I feel conflicted at these times because altough it's not the best way to get a dog and at the same time I don't regret having my baby.
    After all you can't put a price on your best friend .

    I was glad I was able to share it all .

    OOOOh I can't wait to bring home my little Maxie. I have so much more to learn now. I'm curious to see if Maxie will be more Border or Staffy or the perfect blend of both! He looks more border, but maybe I'm accustomed to the staffy face so I just notice it more.
    Hopefully by next year I won't be in a silly night shift job and can choose the dog sport rather than working my roster around a night off.

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    Great Story! Welcome to DF I think I seen a picture of the dog you are adoping on the renbury farm facebook page

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    Yeah he is on renbury farm's facebook page.
    i added a photo of a gorgeous ferret they have too. i hope she finds a home soon, she's a bit thin .

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    Welcome.........I in the past, about twenty years ago purchased a Rough Collie from a less then reputable Breeder (so many dogs!!!!!). But it wasn't until we were there that we realised. And we felt sorry for the dogs, so hence we brought a puppy home.
    We all live and learn. It would be great to be born perfect
    I hope you enjoy this Forum........

    PS , Good for you for taking on a Rescue
    Pets are forever

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