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    I found a link to this forum today whilst researching dog restraints for cars, so I thought I would register. We have 2 black labrador x border collie pups who are 9 months old now. They are brother (Argos) and sister (Sabi) and are a constant source of pleasure for my partner and myself and our children. We absolutely adore them!

    Does anyone have any ideas about car sickness in dogs? Sabi has suddenly taken to drooling when going in the car and is not as keen to jump in as she used to be. This is very sad for us because they are a part of the family and we go on adventures every weekend with them. The vet said we could give her a Kwell. I am going to try one this afternoon as we are taking them to the beach for a run.

    If anyone has any ideas, that would be awesome!!


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    Welcome I have no idea about car sickness sorry, but I do have a drooly Bulldog!!

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    Hi and welcome
    found an old topic about car sickness that might be helpful.

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