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Thread: Pround Owner of a German Shepherd from Melbourne

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    Default Pround Owner of a German Shepherd from Melbourne

    Hi everyone,

    now, ive posted abit about me in the "Dog Training" section of the forum, but a proper intro.

    Im from Melbourne and have never had a dog previous to this.

    My cousine had a German Shepherd, but now has left overseas so i have tooken him in, his name is Mali and his about 11months old.
    His a great boy and im so happy to have him, Ive seen him grow up ever since he was 8 weeks, ive always been around him but now his living with me hehe.

    Now i see my cousine never really trained him so no its up to me to do the work

    anyway i'll try and post some pictures of him.

    and yeah, any comments would be much appreciated.
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    Nice dog! We are coming up to 2 weeks of owner ship of our GSD. Nearly all black. The black looks so good!

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    welcome Mali
    and how lucky you have been blessed with a GSD.
    Im sure he'll train you nicely in no time
    i love the all black colour, especially in the long hair!
    mine is now 18 months.
    at 11 months, he became selectively deaf lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by bernie View Post
    at 11 months, he became selectively deaf lol
    Haha Oh That made me laugh! Reminds me of My Bully from about 12 weeks till now LMAO

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    I am not sure what it is like in your area, but local to us there is a great GSD Club and they get together every Sunday and help one another with Obedience and such. We know quite a few people from the GSD Club, because we do tracking with them and the Obedience Demo Team. Check out to see if there are any local to you.
    Good luck with training
    Pets are forever

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