So glad I found this site, we are currently waiting for our boxer who will be what I think is the term a placement, she is just under two years old, we are getting her from a breeder who wishes to continue to breed from her after we have purchased her and bought her home apparently this will occur 12 months after she is home with us.

As this is all new to me and I like to be very organised and know what I am getting myself into I was hoping to receive some advise or speak to anyone who has done something similar.

We have three children who already adore her and are overly excited about bringing her home, it just dawned on me that she will be taken away from us in 12 months time for up to two months or more to have pups with the breeder, these will not be our pups they will stay with the breeder and our dog will return home.

I was wondering just how long this should take ie: how long should she be away can we limit the time?

Also what would be a reasonable price for us to pay to purchase her initially considering she is nearly 2 years of age, pure breed and we cant de-sex her until after she has another litter in 12 months?

She has just had a litter as well, so at present we are waiting for her to be able to ween the pups, not sure how long exactly this will take either.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated I really want to do the right thing for our children and would hate for them to be devistated in 12 months when she is gone for so long..