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    Smile Hi!

    I'm new round here and just wanted to say hi I have a 3.5yr old cross (unknown, possibly lab x irish wolfhound and a 5 month old 3/4 Irish wolf hound x 1/4 stag hound. Hoping to find some other wolfhound lovers here!
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    Welcome to the boards! Any pic of your "unknown" cross dog? Lol! Would love to see it!
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    We think hes a lab or retriever x wolfhound x unknown! ur thoughts? lol

    middle pic is the first week we had him, the rest are about 2 yrs old. hes 4
    now, similar size but a lot scruffier.
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    and this one too! so hard to find recent pics of him!
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    I would put money on him being a Lab x Poodle or "Labradoodle". These guys very often come out with a wire coat just like this - like a terrier or Wolfhound.

    They are also often rejected for the same as people want the soft curly coat. I love wirey coats, they have such character in their faces - he's gorgeous!!

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    yea were not really sure! i spose standard poodles are quite large? hes a lot bigger than a normal lab (these pics are not the best to show it) has a huge chest cavity etc, but def lab ears! he also seems to have a lot of wolfhound related problems (circulation problems makes him chew his feet as well as being allergic to grass etc) Def has a wolfie temprament, short bursts of energy and then lazes around for the majority off the day. different vets have told me hes crossed with different things, the list is quite large really! can you get genetic test kits?

    I spose it doesnt really matter, at the end of the day he is an amazing dog with a great personality and great looks cant ask for much more really, Im rather spoilt!

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