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Thread: New Here, Just Taken Ownership of a Dog in Need of a Few Trips to the Vet!

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    Smile New Here, Just Taken Ownership of a Dog in Need of a Few Trips to the Vet!

    I'm 23 from tassie and live with my fiance and our two daughters, 18 months and 4 months. We have recently taken back ownership of Biscuit, a 5 year old maltese cross bichon. The story is that my fiance received the puppy as his 17th birthday present, and he lived with his ex. They then broke up, she kept the dog to spite him. She then decided to move to Canada and didn't want to take the dog with her, so gave it to my fiances mum, who has been apparently looking after it until we got a rental that allows a dog, which is next week!!

    Now I'm really not a dog person at all, much prefer cats, but seeing how our eldest daughter just loves this dog to pieces, and how unhealthy it currently is, I thought I will just give in and let her have it and keep my fiance happy too as he loves it just as much.

    So, here I am, about to have a house dog. It's going to take me forever to get used to it. I refuse to have it in our house in its current state, so yesterday we took it to the vet for a flea treatment and worming tablet, and today for vaccinations where we soon learned that it will need 6 teeth pulled out, has an ear infection and has red back legs, no fur on its tailbase or backs of legs where it constantly eats itself, probably caused by the many hundred fleas on it and the inlaws other dogs and numerous cats.

    So, combined with moving house next week, we also have to save to fix the dog up! She is getting microchipped next week and we will buy a 6 pack of frontline plus (vets gave her advantage yesterday). Hopefully in the next month or two we can afford to get her treated. She was desexed at a year and a half thank god, so we don't have to add that to the list!!

    Thanks for reading and please don't be offended that I'm not a dog person! I'll be spending the next few months on here trying to get used to having a dog inside, trying to lead train it and all sorts of stuff lol!

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    Hi and .

    Hopefully things will smooth out and you'll get some of the good stuff soon!!

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    oh well, you might come to like the dog, my wife had never had a dog before, was a cat person, but since getting our dog she loves him to bits and calls him her baby. Atleast you sound like good people and are doing the right thing.

    just a hint - we used to have a maltese cross jack russel and we could not get rid of his fleas, tried everything advantix or whatever it's called, flea baths etc and nothing worked but I eventually tried something by EXCELPET, i think it is called "insecticidal spray" it's at all the supermarkets and places like bigw and only costs 11 or 12 dollars, I sprayed it all over him and rubbed it all over his fur then let him run around for 10mins or so and all the fleas were dead, then I'd just brush them out, I'd do this everyday for about a week or two and they be gone for good, it's the only thing I use now.

    P.S. we're originally from Tas but moved to QLD about 5 years ago, I had never seen a flea until I moved to QLD, I guess it's the humidity up here, but they are everywhere.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum

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    Thanks heaps I had never seen a flea either until being at the inlaws place!! We even bought a flea treatment for one of her other dogs, a maltese, as we were just sick to death of seeing her eat at herself every time we were there! I'm doubting that it will work as the house is obviously infested, but hey, at least we tried!! But yeah, there's that many fleas on them that you can sit a metre away and see them.. It makes you itch!!!

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    yeah it's horrible seeing dogs like that.

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    You inlaws sound feral - I hope your fiance is nothing like them.

    Some of the flea stuff interferes with the flea life cycle. A lot of people who rescue dogs feed the badly infested dogs "Capstar" tablets until the problem is better.

    I use the revolution spot on - it deals with some of the worms too.

    Other things you will need to do for the dog -
    A C5 vaccination - depending on it's history you may need to get the three starter injectons and then annual booster. This will help prevent your dog from getting really nasty things like Parvo and Kennel cough. Kennel cough is a bit like flu though, getting the vaccine for that doesn't guarantee no flu but can reduce how bad it gets.

    And the vax can be around $100 for the annual booster. You maybe able to get it cheaper from places like the Animal Welfare League vets or your own.

    And you will need to make sure you treat for heart worm - lots of options from using revolution, or drontal or annual injection. And intestinal worms including tape worm (aka hydatids).

    Hopefully your vet can make a list for you, including treatment options and costs. Some of the stuff you can get online for cheaper than at the vets, though some products eg Revolution are offering bonus packs through the vets to try to compete with online for them.

    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    The above is great resource for everything you need to know to look after a dog or puppy.

    With toilet training - it helps to be super vigilant, and have a command word you say when you take the dog out to go to the toilet. Carry it out into the middle of the wet lawn if it is raining - lots of dogs don't like to get their feet wet and given the opportunity would rather use carpet inside than get their feet wet in the rain outside. Don't let it back in until you see it go. And give it a treat and lots of praise when it goes where you want.

    Accidents - clean up with warm soapy (dishwashing detergent) water or bicarb soda, vinegar and water. Never use bleach because dogs think they need to pee over it.

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    Thanks Hyacinth! I'm not sure what vaccinations the vet gave her, but we took her for them yesty, $44 and we have to have booster shots next month as she hasn't been done in years. The inlaws aren't exactly feral, they just believe in home brand flea powder, and can't afford to take their animals to the vet or register them with the council. So we have put our foot down with them and said if they pay the $20 next week to get their dog microchipped (the other one they have was done before they got her) then we will pay each year to register the dog. We would love to be able to afford to take it to the vets aswell, as it eats itself too and smells terrible despite bathing and has incredibly bad breath and has been not putting any weight on one of its back legs for a year or so now, but my fiance is looking for work at the moment and we are both on centrelink unfortunately. When he gets work we might be able to take it. But yeah, they aren't feral, they just believe that the vets will overcharge and add things that don't need fixing.

    Another thing, the dogs sleep with them in the bed, but I really don't like this idea, so how hard will it be to get the dog to sleep next to our bed on a dogbed? She is housetrained and doesn't mind the rain

    Heartworm - can we use those monthly heartguard chew things?

    Thanks guys I really appreciate it

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    Hi. With heart worm tablets/chews/injections make sure the vet checks for heart worm first as treatment can kill a dog if it already has them.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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