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    Hey i'm tash and i have a lovely little maltese x shihtzu called tina who is 5 years old. This is the first forum i've come across that allows chat about mutts, all others i've found are for purebreds only, not very fair if you ask me! so i'm glad to be a member i also have two 10 week old kittens, ninja (short hair ginger and white) and chester (fluffy black and white) they were born in my shed by a feral cat, we managed to catch them when they were around 4 weeks old, they have turned into such lovely little cats
    We also have 5 cockatiels.

    Couple of pics of my tina

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    What's done is done, and you're welcome to discuss your puppy here.

    The reason some of the other forums don't like promoting deliberate cross breeding is that most breeders involved in this do not take very good care of their breeding stock, they have no breeding standards, they lie about what kind of dog will result - saying it will be the best of both breeds when it could equally likely be the worst. And they certainly can't pick and choose what characteristics the puppies will end up with.

    And very few of these breeders do any of the health checks on their breeding stock to make sure they are not giving the puppies a whole bunch of expensive and horrible genetic health problems.

    So your puppy is very cute. That's about the only criteria puppy mill people use to choose which dogs they breed. And that's the industry you support when you buy one from a pet shop or internet classified.

    How do I avoid supporting puppy farms? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    If you want to look up what the genetic disorder overlaps are for the cross that you have, look here.
    LIDA Dogs - LIDA Dogs - Faculty of Veterinary Science - The University of Sydney

    I'm for the responsible breeding of healthy dogs to meet planned demand not impulse buying.

    I'm not against cross breeds - I have one I got from Animal Welfare League and I have no idea about her parentage - I suppose if I was a clever marketer I could call her a smooth coat blue heeler... but she's an Australian Cattle Dog cross by best guess going on coat and temperment. Loved biting ankles of joggers as a puppy, and very good at duck and run.

    Hopefully there will be a time when no unwanted puppies end up in rescue because all litters will be planned and as healthy as possible. And I would hope one day that will be true for babies of all domestic species including humans.

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    Hey !
    I am a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

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    Tina's so cute!Welcome to the boards! Yes, we talk about any dog breed here, whether pure or cross. We even talk about anything under the sun, not dog related. Enjoy your stay here!
    Border Collies are like potato chips, you really can't have just oneā€¦

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