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    Hey names andy live in the riverina work on a farm and this is my brand new german shepherd bought monday
    Name: benji might become boss after warding a certain you tube clip lol
    Age: 3 weeks
    funny story: haven't got him yet won't get him till may but apparently the lady who has him is going to paint his nails blue so she knows which is mine. Haven't seen him other than this photo can't wait

    Please anyone who has any help with training careing for or just tips on german shepard chuck it up here this if my first.

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    Don't let him get away with anything you wouldn't want him to do as a big dog. Lots of distract and replace ie show him what you want him to do rather than trying to explain to him what you don't want (dogs are not good at "don't").
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    And the main GSD expert I know is Steve Courtney
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    Thanks very interesting mate I am wondering if I should do a distance course very handy stuff to know especially since this is really the first dog I have had.

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