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    Hi im Crissie, mum to 3 kids 8,4,1 and no pets as yet
    i have wanted a dog for years but my df said no because we were renting, and i understood :/ lol
    but a friend of mine had a pregnant kelpie and because we are building our own home he said we should just get one now!
    so the pups are born but under a house so you cant see them very well cant see there tiny squishy closed faces... so we are just waiting to see how they come out!
    going to have a squiz around now, thanks! xx

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    I would research the breed before making a decision.
    Kelpies are a highly energetic breed that need to be kept busy all of the time or they go nuts. A lot of people who get kelpies without knowing the breed properly, end up dealing with behavioural problems.
    With your busy life style having 3 young children, you may find that a quieter breed would be more suitable.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    There's more to having a dog than getting rid of the landlord.

    A kelpie can be easy to train, but first you need to learn how to train a dog - obedience schools and puppy pre-schools and the internet can help with this.

    An untrained kelpie can be your worst nightmare. From digging holes, escaping and biting the kids.

    There are also a number of expenses. Unless you want to be like your friend with a pregnant bitch or wandering houdini dog (looking for bitches to get pregnant), you need to get your dog desexed. You also need to vaccinate so it doesn't get horribly sick and rack up heaps of vet fees.

    And if you buy a dog from an unknown ancestry - you risk more vet fees sorting out genetic problems and later with joint problems or blindness. You could be lucky or you could be adopting trouble. I adopted a dog from the Animal Welfare League - she was already desexed, and vaccinated (2 shots out of 3) and wormed so that saved me around $300 or more. I also risk any problems she might have had from random doggy parents. She was 10 weeks old when I got her.

    How much work is your df prepared to put in to help? How much time does he spend with your kids or helping with housework is a starting clue. How much time do you have to put in. Ideally you would walk an adult kelpie for an hour (or more) a day - which you could break up into two 30 minute sessions, and you'd spend 5 to 15 minutes daily working on training and obedience and mental skills for your dog.

    Just be sure you're ready, it's much better for a puppy to be adopted by someone who is ready than an 8 month old untrained dog to be handed in to the shelters (its chance of finding a forever home is not as good).

    Before You Get Your Puppy | Dog Star Daily

    or a video version

    Choosing a puppy | RSPCA Australia | For all creatures, great & small.

    If you have a choice of puppies, pick the friendly one.
    temperament test

    And what we don't want to happen.
    Dog Owner's Guide:Minimizing owner surrenders
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    Yup! sad but true... For once i hate to agree with you pugger, just speculation on my behalf, but talking from experience, don't have a kelpie unless you fully understand the responsibilities, and you can provide sufficient care for them... But if you can, go ahead because they are so rewarding

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    I love Kelpies, they have such a special spot in my heart. Just echoing the others...
    They're loyal, and willing to learn, and are incredibly quick learners at that, but an energetic, bored, untrained Kelpie are the reason there are so many dumped in pounds.
    A Kelpie could run for ever, but for my Kelpie X BC an hour walk/half an hour bike run will keep her settled(although she appreciates a 4 hour horse ride more).
    Im all for you getting a dog, but I want you to really consider a 16 year commitment, and see past the the cute faces
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