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Thread: Introducing Sammi

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    Smile Introducing Sammi

    Hi All,

    I became the proud mummy of a 9 week old Samoyed cross Golden Retriever on Monday named Sammi. So thought I would introduce you all to my not so little baby girl!

    She was a little quiet for her first night with only a couple of minutes of crying at night.

    Today the confidence is here with bounds! She is pouncing around everywhere and doesn't need to have someone near her all the time and loves the backyard! I hope this is an early indication that she will be fine left alone outside when no-one is home! (fingers crossed).

    We have also discovered she loves the black dirt which is completely typical considering her colouring!

    The photo of her asleep was on Monday when I brought her home , The one where she looks not so fluffy was taken after she had had a bath and was nice and clean, the one with the mucky face was taken this morning after her play in the dirt!

    I think she will be a pup that spends alot of time getting cleaned!

    Looking forward to spending more time on the forum and reading all about the adventures of other puppies.

    See you all later

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    hello. actually i am totally new here. Nice to know you. hope have great time here in the future...

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    oh she's just gorgeous. My first dog was a Border Collie cross Samoyed and 35 years later we still tell Mooti stories! One of my current dogs is a Border Collie with that lovely golden colouring (Australian Red) and she was similar looking to Sammi at that age. Now nearly 8 months old and still a blonde bombshell. Welcome!

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