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    Default Just Another Newbie :)

    Hello everyone! My name's Leanne, and I'm just after some information about Boxers. I'm getting a puppy tomorrow and would love to know what the best way to train him, feed him, etc.

    Please be kind, first time on a forum (and to be honest, this first post has been typed by my daughter who has extensive forum experience haha)

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    Welcome Leanne!

    Haha don't worry about being a forum newbie, we all have to start somewhere!

    We have all different sections here, some sections are all about training, others about diet, some just for general chit-chat, have a browse and ask your questions in whatever sections seems right to you.

    Your pups breeder should provide you with a care package when you pick him up, they at the very least contain diet information for you to follow.

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    Good luck with your new pup.
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    welcome, congratulations for your new puppy
    Pets are forever

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    Welcome aboard! You'll be an old hand in no time

    Congrats on the new addition,would love to see some pics when he/she arrives.
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