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    Default Hi from Brissie!

    Hi There,

    My name is Tans and I own a beautiful Kelpie x cattle named Milly who is almost one year old.

    Milly has had a tough first year. When she was five months she had a juvenile joint disorder. Then she had an ulcer in her eye, then a few months later she developed steriod responsive meningitis. We honestly thought we were going to lose her but she pulled through. Now she has torn the tendon in her hip joint (this was caused by her muscles being slack from the steroids) and we are trying to keep her inside and immobile as possible which is really hard considering she is a high energy level dog.

    She is on metacam so is feeling fine but I was hoping someone had some ideas for entertaining a really bored dog who isn't allowed to jump around much. We have been giving her raw hide chew sticks which she loves. We also have kongs and a treat ball (although she continually barks when she plays with this).

    We tried just playing small games of fetch by rolling the ball to her but this usually escalates and we have to stop. She has so much pent up energy and is used to being walked twice a day. Any ideas would be much appreciated!!


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    Hi Tans,

    Welcome to the forum!! I'm sorry to hear of poor Milly's medical problems.

    I know a lot of people don't like kongs but with close supervision my dogs love them. I I have the largest kongs (black) and I stuff a couple of chicken wings or necks into the kong, then I fill it with yoghurt and put a few bits of kibble and dog chocolates into the mix. Then I cover the ends and freeze them overnight. My dogs LOVE them and it keeps them occupied for hours!!!

    They always need to be supervised as kongs can be very dangerous when left unsupervised.

    Hope Milly is on the mend soon. It must be hell trying to keep a kelpie x cattle dog quiet!! Good luck with that

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    Poor Milly........Hope she is on the mend soon.

    I have dog Puzzles, which my dogs love on rainy days like we just had.

    It seems to tire them out, because they need to do a little thinking.

    Dog IQ Puzzles Nina Puzzles for Dogs : BestFriends General Store

    But you have to be with them.

    The kibble dispensing balls can be fun too, but may be too much action?
    Pets are forever

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    I had, to confine my poodle Milly once for 6wks & I'm nor sure who did it harder me or Milly,lol.
    I used kongs, plastic bottles with little holes she'd pull strips of dried meat through, always left a radio on & carried her around alot. But wish we had not spoiled her as much as we did as she is a bit of a prima donna these days, lol.............
    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Thanks Guys!

    You all have some great advice. I'll definitely take it on board and let you know how it goes.

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