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Thread: Hello! Dogs Contained Within!

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    Jeez Molly you're really hounding our new member.
    Education not Legislation

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    I know, sorry .Just making sure she has the correct info.
    I checked the website and there is no info on muzzles and off leash laws.
    There have been a few incidences with grey fosters that have not been given the right info from different groups.

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    Haha, yeah, I've done my research, don't worry. I've been poring over and all the greyhound rescue sites for months and months and waited until I got back from an overseas holiday before embarking on the fostering adventure. Also, I'm a public servant and law student, and.. I know this is pathetic, but I've actually read all of the legislation out of curiosity.

    I'd never let him off leash, but there's an off-leash oval near my house where I've taken my other dog Mimi many, many times, and I've come to know some of the people and dogs who go there. It'd be great to be able to take Snow/Helmut (heh..) there to actually meet some other pups and have a play. I've had enough dogs to be able to tell which ones are inclined to do a runner on me! At the moment, he's firmly in that category, but he could still meet some friends!

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    Oh that's good to meet lots of other dogs. Sorry misunderstood, thought you were going to let him off leash. Just read off leash park and assumed.
    My bad.

    I'm on a greyhound forum and there is a discussion at the moment. A grey was let off lead killed a dog and then the grey was put to sleep. Such a waste of 2 dogs lives.
    These sort of things just put the whole program at risk.
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    welcome aboard
    ... Jade ...

    Aha yeah me too! wee wee or pee pee and poo poo's or poopie

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    Hi Allie and . Your foster boy is very handsome indeed, and the little pooodley one is super cute.

    We have a foster grey as well, we normally have on about. They fit in well with our other dogs and are real characters. They always look a little small to me but it's all in the comparison!!

    Our current one is a nut and rarely sits still, not the usual laid back type! She plays fetch all day. So she is a little harder to keep weight on.

    He looks pretty good, many are light coming out of racing and kennelling.
    Many greys also have bare bellies over summer, just as a matter of course. They will grow a little more coat in winter but not much. They've been selectively bred for many years for a very light coat and fine skin to help with the dramatic cooling needed to recover from sprinting.

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