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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Fiona and I'm from Perth. I've joined this forum for two reasons - firstly, I love dogs, obviously, and secondly, the following ...

    I'm putting together a book of stories about neglected, abused and/or abandoned animals that have been rescued, and their journeys towards newfound welfare and happiness with new families. These stories won't be restricted to dogs - while I'm trying to promote adoption from pounds, I'm also trying to inform the public of the diversity of animals that can be adopted ... that can be saved.

    Basically, if anyone has stories or knows others who have stories and would like to share (anonymity can be respected if preferred), please email me on bussi9 at gmail dot com.

    Thanks, I appreciate the help

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    Dogs make everyday life enjoyable...........

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    Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your book. Where are the profits for the book going?

    We have a pound puppy, left to roam the streets at 9 weeks old. Picked up by the pound then taken to the SPCA. When I put my name down for him they told me not to hold my breath as he was so well cared for and such a beautiful looking wee boy his owners would definitely come befor ehe was able to be put up for adoption 7 days later.

    Well, they never did. So odd to take such good care of a pup then not worry and look for him when he goes missing.

    Luckily I had seen him and put my nam edown only an hour after they bought him in to the SPCA because when they rang me and said he could come home, they also told me that if it didnt work out they had another 6 or 7 people who had also put their names down. I am just horrified of the thought that my beautiful boy could have ended up soemwhere else instead of with us LOL

    Anyway, thats not what you were asking and it's not really a proper abandoned or abused story but thoght id share anyway LOL

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    Welcome to the forum!
    A book? Like a real life published book?
    Cause that would be awesome, in my head im imagining it to be like a table book, with cute photos

    I have a shelter pup, but her story isn't as 'exciting' as some others.
    Lady, Kelpie X Border Collie, was found running along a busy highway as a 1 year old, with a simple leather collar. She spent 2 weeks in a pound waiting for her owners that never came. After that she was put up for adoption for another 2 weeks.
    She only had a day or so to go, until my mother, being the Kelpie lover she is, brought her home. I remember meeting mum in her car, and seeing her there
    She's 9 now, and I absolutely love her, I take her everywhere I can, the family that didn't bother picking her up are missing out big time!
    Education not Legislation

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    Thanks for the replies

    Lala, I'm hoping the book will generate enough profit that I'll be able to donate to various animal welfare groups ... not quite sure which yet. And thanks for your story - anything is welcome; a story like that shows a different, interesting side to it actually ... the look of an animal can be deceiving.

    Aussiemyf7 - Yes, a real life published book :P I'm self-publishing. Thank you for your story - the photo is gorgeous

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    Hi Fiona
    welcome and good luck with the book. I have a story I wrote a while ago about a dog I adopted who had been terribly abused. I had her for three years and then she went on to spend a wonderful 12 more years with friends after I went to work overseas. I wrote the story after hearing she'd died and it was a wonderful way to recall all those memories of her. I'll email it to you along with a photo but will also post it in My Dog Stories so others here can read it if they want (it's a couple of pages

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    Hi and

    I could have a couple for you Fiona. I'll send some brief details when I have a chance and see if they're any use for your book.

    If I forget to email them remind me!

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    Thanks Troppo and Nattylou! Both very much appreciated

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