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    Hey Everyone,

    My name is John, and I have a 3yo English Staffy X named Bullet, just stopping in to say hello.

    I adopted Bullet 6 weeks ago from the RSPCA in Burwood Vic. He's such a good dog, loving, affectionate, obedient, heaps of fun, I don't think I could have found a better dog for me and my wife.

    I've grown up around dogs, my family had quite a few Boxers and Jack Russells while I was growing up. I got my own dog back in 1991, she was an 8 week old Jack Russell terrier and I called her Ellie. She had long wiry hair and long legs, don't see too many JR's like that around. Ellie was with me all the time, but unfortuately, I had to have her put down in 2007, she had just gotten too old and was in pain. 16 years is a good innings by any measure though, and she had a good life.

    After Ellie died, I was pretty shook up and did not want to get another dog for a long time. But last year, I quit my job, and started walking some of my neighbors dogs during the day while they were at work, It was good for me, good for the dogs, and good for my neighbors, everyone wins! Except I really started wanting a dog of my own again......

    I kept telling my wife that I wanted to get another dog, and she was dead against the idea. She was never really that fond of Ellie, because she dropped a lot of hair from her long coat. Ellie was only allowed in certain parts of the house, and never allowed up on the couch. And then, a few months ago, someone tried to break into our house while we were asleep. We woke up and disturbed them before they got inside, but they were close. I made the point to my wife then that if we had a dog, the dog would have been barking long before and they would have left straight away, and that was all it took to convince her to get a dog

    I started looking online through at all of the pet rescue shelters around Victoria. I was pretty clear on what I wanted, I had wanted an English Staffy for years. I went at looked at about 20 or so dogs in person in my search, and saw some really sweet dogs, it's easy to get tempted to take them all, but I knew I could be picky and find exactly what I wanted.

    And then I found Bullet! He had been given up for adoption twice. The first time when he was 1 year old (I don't know any of the details) and the second time when I got him, apparently his owner had gotten sick and wasnt able to look after him any more. I'm not sure what he is crossed with, although he is very muscular and stocky, he's not as stocky as most Staffys are. All I'm really sure of is that he is 100% pure bred ratbag

    I suspect that he was owned by an elderly person or couple, as he would get tired easily going for walks, and he didnt know how to play with toys at all, although he plays with other dogs brilliantly. And he loves sitting on the couch and cuddling up while we are watching TV.

    He's starting to get fitter every day now, as he goes for 2 or 4 walks each day, at least 3kms each walk, and I've got him playing with balls and tug toys now too.

    Anyway, enough rambling, here's a few pics of Bullet, and I'm looking forward to becoming a part of your online community.



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    Hey there and welcme jrobbo! Bullet is certainly a lovely looking lad !
    ps;by the way,just one of my bugbears Its not an English Staffie,its actually a Staffordhire Bull Terrier

    Looking forward to many more epics of the little studley
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Bullet is gorgeous.... welcome to you both.

    Hope you enjoy the forum, it's a wonderful place (although life gets in the way of me visiting sometimes god damn it)

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    Welcome. Bullets gorgeous!

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