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Thread: Introduce Myself

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    Smile Introduce Myself

    I am a retired lady from Bundaberg Qld and the proud owner of two beautiful
    little golden retriever puppies one female 5months called Rose and 1 male
    10 weeks old name of Rowan. I am a bit unsure of how to negotiate websites
    as yet but will learn no doubt. And now I am lost as to what to do next.

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    Good luck with such young puppies so close to each other. I hope you have someone to help you attend dog club
    Education not Legislation

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    Welcome.... you certainly will have your hands full with two pups so close in age.... I can attest to that..... mine are only 7 months apart and that's enough, LOL!

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your time on the forum and find it very useful and helpful!

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    welcome, good luck with your pups. I'm sure they will fill your life with love........

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    Welcome... the next thing is to navigate your way to posting some photos of your pups- I'm sure I speak for most when I say we are "photoaholics" !!

    PS... I'm originally from ***ndah- you may be one of the few here who has ever heard of it
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    navigating websites...

    I spend a lot of time using the "today's posts" under "quick links" at the top right on the green line under the bit with your name on it.

    You can find out more about individual contributors by clicking on their names.

    And I use a right mouse click and choose "open in new window" to read individual threads so I keep the main index window open but you can also get back to it by clicking on "quick links" then "today's posts" too.

    And posting in very old threads will bring them to the top of "today's list" which is sometimes interesting (eg favourite breed list) or not - if you answer a question for a contributor that is so old they've gone a long time ago or their question was already answered. So lurking - ie lots of reading before you post, is good.

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