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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Velox and I'm happy to have found this forum. I'm sure it will be incredibly valuable with the amount of experience here.

    My OH and I have just graduated from uni, and are in the process of finding full time jobs. We have both had dogs while growing up and have been so upset that we have had to spend so much time studying - meaning we didn't have the time or resources to care for pets as much as we want to.

    Now that we've finished, we are really looking forward to moving into a new place (wherever work takes us) so that we can add some furry companions into our family, and give them the love and attention they deserve.

    We are planning on getting two puppies, and have been researching online what breeds would suit us. Hopefully they'll be friends. We would love nothing more than to play and go jogging with them, although my OH is into exercise a bit more than me. He prefers larger dogs, and has been looking at something like a Labrador, while I have always had a soft spot for Shelties and would love spending time brushing one. It just seems like a relaxing, therapeutic bonding experience.

    I've read about how horrible puppy farms and pet shops can be, and have every intention about getting our pets from a reputable breeder (with confirmation of health checks written in email just in case) but as we don't even know what state we could be in we haven't really investigated breeders further. Well, apart from looking at pictures of all their gorgeous animals.

    Anyway, happy to be here and I'm sure as time goes on and we welcome our puppies there will be many photos to share.

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    Thankyou for doing your research!

    Have you considered a Kelpie? There are heaps of Kelpie Xs in shelters, and they made fantastic jogging partners.
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    Have you considered a pound puppy?

    And also you will need to own your own place ideally - otherwise you can find rental places that accept pets difficult to find, depending where you want to live.

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    Welcome. Shelties are very smart active dogs and are very suited to dog sports, so you need to consider that. It is not just a dog you spend time brushing. They can become neurotic and destructive if you dont spend time training and exercise. They are high action dogs.

    If your OH likes jogging long distance consider a dog that has the right build and endurance for this activity. Kelpies and other herding breeds are best suited - not likely to do a cruciate. I have a big Koolie - 57cm at the shoulder that would make a super jogging companion.

    Remember 2 pups at the same time can be a handful and can tend to bond with each other. You each need to spend time building a seperate bond with each dog if you decide to do this. I would prefer to get a pup and train it up and then add a second pup.

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    Welcome! Its great that you are doing your research, and i guarantee that on here you will find lots of different and helpful advice on which breed to choose.

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    Welcome to the forum I hope you find the perfect fur family member.

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    welcome to the wonderful world of the forum.... sure to provide great help, info and support.

    good luck with finding your new family member.

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