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    Well I'm Kate and I'm 15. But don't ignore me because of my age! Or you can whatever... Lets see... I love dogs. Weird huh? I'm really more of a positive reinforcement kind of gir. I can see a lot of the members here are not, so I'll try not to bother you to much Everyone has different opinions right?
    I have two dogs. My oldest is Deedee, she's a mini fox terrier. She's about 10 and I've had her for 7 years now. Sparky is an aussie terrier X shih-tzu. He's 2 and a half. That's pretty much it...

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    Welcome Kate,

    I wouldn't have like to have been ignored at 15 so am happy to not to that to you love! Clearly you have a genuine interest in dogs or you wouldn't be here.

    Hope you find the forum interesting and helpful!

    Cheers Aleesha

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    I DeeSpark welcome to the forum.

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    I'm really more of a positive reinforcement kind of gir. I can see a lot of the members here are not
    I dunno why you say that. Unless you're into the more extreme form of all positive re-inforcement and never do anything negative - not even a squirty bottle - like the Delta trainers.

    I prefer positive methods of training. I train with loads of treats and games for my dog, but every now and again I get the squirty bottle out. Though she does love water, and will happily chase the hose water around the back yard, and loves being all wet and going swimming. Even in winter. So I figure the occasional distraction with the squirty is no big deal for her. The most traumatic thing I do to her is hide - when she doesn't come when she's called.

    I don't yell at her when she's naughty or barking - it's completely pointless. And I don't alpha roll her, though she sometimes offers one up. Especially when she wants a belly rub or extra attention. And sometimes I don't give her any attention when she asks (NILIF). Because when I want her attention - it's easier to get it and keep it if she hasn't been having it on demand (by her).

    Welcome to the forum.

    It's hard to ignore 15 yo girls. They can be so loud. And so many of them do things that surprise me.

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    Hi and welcome
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Hi and welcome!
    Im actually different. I think its impossible to properly train a dog without 'negative' reinforcement.
    If a dog does something 'wrong' in the wild, the rest of their pack or mother will let them know...
    Education not Legislation

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    Hi Deespark,

    As long as you don't ignore me because of my age (the other end....) and do not expect me to use words like "awesome", I am happy to talk to you. I have s/tzu x and mini schnauzer.
    BTW what are you reading at the moment?
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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