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Thread: New to Get Heads Up.... We're Adopting a Couple of Pooches

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    Default New to Get Heads Up.... We're Adopting a Couple of Pooches

    Hi all,

    New to this forum, have found it through looking for info on Amstaffs. We're adopting a 12 month old male and a 3 month old female.

    Have only owned one other dog long term, a bitza that was a stubborn handful, but so loving and adorable.

    Did have a pure Red Cattle Dog for about 6 months, but I split up with an ex and had to move, so gave him to a farm where he'd have lots of room to play.

    They had a wonderful relationship. Jack (the Red Cattle dog) had a wonderful nature, was a lil nippy early but we got that out of him, Shelby the white unknown bitza (vets think she was a staffy cross cattle dog) was the biggest sook ever, but too clever for her own good.

    Really excited by the amstaff bread so can't wait to get them, looking forward to experiencing and learning about the breed.

    Any info welcome.

    Thanks Aleesha
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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    Can't give much advice on the Amstaff but they are a stunning, misunderstood and tenacious breed. Good luck and enjoy.

    I have a red cattle dog and love her dearly. I'm glad Jack is now enjoying the life on the farm. Sounds like you gave him a wonderful second chance in a place where he is happy.

    Again good luck and look forward to lots of photo's!!

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    Thanks for the welcome.... I loved Jack, was a shame he couldn't come with me, but he did go to a wonderful loving home

    I look forward to being able to take and then post some wonderful photos .... I love photography and dogs so I may just go overboard,

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    Hi Shelby and

    Amstaffs are GORGEOUS!! You have to post pics, there's no such thing as too many photos around here...

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    Thanks Nattylou,

    I think they are gorgeous too.... and I can say this unbiased for now, after tomorrow I'll be completely biased I'm sure, LOL!

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