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    hi my name is Glenn ,i bought a jack Russel x foxy ,Ive had her for about a year now and my 4 kids love her very much. she is a family pet and lives outside ( back shed). just looking some info on nutrition and some obedience training that will help us understand her a little better,

    thank you.


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    Welcome treasure hunt

    That's a very cute dog.

    For nutrition - there is a world of conflicting and good information, for me it comes down to balancing what I can afford both financially and time wise. So I feed Nutro Natural Choice dry food - because as a dry food it is convenient and it is good quality and my dog does really well on it. I also make a casserole for her and feed that with the dry, instead of tinned food. I've read the ingredients on tinned dog food and can't bring myself to buy it. Some people go a step further and feed something callled "Barf" which is mostly raw.

    My dog also gets the occasional tin of sardines and maybe a carrot, and some peanut butter and kibble in a "squirrel dude" or "kong". Takes her longer to work the food out of a squirrel dude.

    Obedience wise - I go to dog club twice a week. It's good for sorting any problems - lots of experienced trainers to talk to, and it's also good for social skills for both of us.

    And then there are a squillion dog training websites. These are just a few of the ones I like.
    Digital Dog Training Textbook | Dog Star Daily

    Triangle of Temptation

    NILIF, the way ALL dogs should be raised

    and for a bit more brain work and fun, you might want to explore clicker training especially "free shaping".

    And if you want to see what a small terrier can do - rent "Mask" with Steve Carey, or have a browse through this.
    dog tricks

    Susan Garett and Greg Derrett
    mostly they train for agility but their basic handling stuff is great.
    Crate Games

    Greg Derrett's foundation handling.
    Say Yes Dog Training Retail Store

    And yes JRT do love agility. They also love something called "earthdog".

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    Hi TH,
    I love cooking but I love eating even more.

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