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    Hi,all,I'm from Tassie and have 3 dogs. Up until yesterday I had 4,but poor sweetheart had to be put to sleep. So I am sad today. My other 3 dogs are a male Yorkshire Terrier named Golly,a F.Yorkshire Terrier named Zara, and a short haired Border Collie named Beckie. They are all lovely dogs, sweet natured and I'm so proud of them all! The little deceased dog was called Tammy and she was a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier. I miss her SO much. Look forward to being on the forum.

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    have fun on dog forum..... i am sorry for ur loss!!
    If heaven doesnt have dogs im not goin.......

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    hello and welcome to you and your pack

    RIP Tammy, sorry for your loss.

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