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Thread: I Am from USA

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    Default I Am from USA

    Hi, everybody,
    I live in Virginia, USA. My dogs are three Saluki in one West Siberian Laika. They all are hunting breeds and they have a good opportunity to hunt. I am in this forum, because I would like to find out more about the Dingo. Can someone direct me to serious people, association, club or government agency involved with preservation of the Dingo in Australia for a direct contact?

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    Hi there. I have Salukis as well (would love to see pictures of yours, and your Laika) - don't they looove chasing rabbits!! Mine are young and haven't quite figured out how to get hold of them yet. They get very excited if my Borzoi grab one for them!

    Good luck with finding out about Dingos, I have only met a few but they are lovely - badly under threat in the wild due to crossbreeding with feral dogs.
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    This is my Urtak. I imported him two years ago from Kazakhstan. He is out of hunting line used by local people to catch hares, foxes and badgers. They call their dogs Tazi, but they cannot be told apart from Saluki. Of course, they chase rabbits here, as well as foxes and deer. My Laikas resemble Dingo, a kind of Dingo of the north, but they hunt very well with me and for me. I go to hunt squirrels with them, but the y tree gray fox, wild turkey and anything climbing trees. I am interested to find out, if aborigines really used Dingo for hunting and what kind of hunting it might be? Despite widely disseminated view that Dingo cannot be kept as a pet, it was a companion dog of people for hundred of years before white settlers arrived in Australia.

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    This is my West Siberian Laika female named Nayda. She is with her 4 m old male puppy. While she is barking at squirrel, the puppy is still not attentive to what is going on. However, next month he started finding his own squirrels and treeing them.

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    Thanks for the pics, they look lovely. Tazi are very similar to Saluki but come from slightly different backgrounds. Here is another couple. They are under review by the FCI for acceptance under the title "Khalag Tazi"

    From Mid Asiatic Tazi
    "During the 1970's the Tazi was hunted almost to extinction in USSR, because they were blamed for the disappearance of the Dzeinari (local deer), Tazi was hunted from jeeps and helicopters, only a few survived in remote areas. In the beginning of the 1900s there was an estimated number of 6-7000 Tazis in Kazahkstan alone..."

    Lovely and very ancient breed, and although they look similar, separate from Saluki.

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    And yes, Dingo are often kept as pets, and are a recognised and registered breed in Australia - under the title "Australian Dingo". Am not sure about their use in hunting, but I have met many lovely pet ones. They are similar to a large Basenji, and have an amazing howl - they don't bark.
    I have seen footage of them hunting Kangaroos. They hunt by endurance, running them until one weakens and can be picked off, like African hunting dogs or Wolves.

    Try this link for info: - Home
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Where form did you get your Khalag Tazi? Now, there are many Tazi in Kazakhstan and they are used for hunting very well.

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    This is another male of Tazi, which I imported from Sanct-Petersburg, Russia, two years ago. His granddaddy is from Central Asia.

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    Welcome to the Forum

    I'm not usually a hound type of person but gosh there are some lovely dogs here
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