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    Talking Hello from Melbourne!

    Hey guys!
    My name's Vincent. I'm 20yo and I have a 1.5 year old pure bred labrador retriever named Ruffle! He's a bit fat but we're trying to cut down how much we feed him (his cute face just begs for food). He does get his daily walk/run in the park.

    Right from the start he has been very good with peeing in the right places! In the car on the way back from the breeder, he didn't throw up or pee in the car. But when we made a pit stop half way, he let it all out on the side of the road (pee-ed a lot)! I really wonder how he knew!

    He's a very excitable dog who still jumps with excitement when guests come over! But after a while, he calms down and is very obedient again.

    We've taken him to a 10-week basic obedience training which we found extremely helpful! He went from being the naughtiest, most out-of-control dog in the class to one of the most obedient one! (provided the halter was on him )
    Also he has been de sexed with recommendation from our trainer. He immediately stopped humping things.

    This is when he had the "cone of shame" for 2 weeks:

    And this is when my mum thought a thin piece of cloth would help keep him warm in the dead of winter

    Being a large breed, he has destroyed A LOT of things. Probably hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of stuff (including ripping out the piping for the water sprinklers and electrical wires for lights around the garden).
    But i truly believe that he has improved the quality of our lives (esp my parents) and I'm so glad we decided to get him

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    Hi Vincent

    Welcome to you and Ruffle

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    Hello Vincent & Ruffle. Welcome to the forum.

    What a cutey Ruffle is.

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    From what you're described, he's definately not out of the ordinary for a Lab!
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    Hi Vincent.... Your cute little man can Ruffle my feathers anytime !!!  14

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