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Thread: Hi There New Around These Parts

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    Default Hi There New Around These Parts

    Gday people,

    Picked up the newest family addition today. A beautiful Bull Terrier X Shar Pei named Darla! Here is a picture of her:

    Uploaded with

    She is only 6.5wks but we fell in love with her and the owners wanted them gone.

    We also have a 4.5yr old Bull Terrier X Whippet that so far loves Darla, except she has this strange unstoppable infatuation with licking her privates...

    Just came across these forums whilst looking up tips about raising the pup as this will be the first puppy that my partner and I raise without help from either of our parents!

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    Ah, she's adorable! Welcome, also. Don't forget to ask lots of questions! Most of us don't bite.

    She is still a bit young to be away from her mother. Is she on an appropriate diet if she was weaned early?

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    yeah she is way to young to be away from her mother, in fact its illegal. make sure you get her on a proper diet for a pup that young straight away..good luck she is very cute

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    Wow that is young. They need the next couple of weeks for socialisation skills with their litter. I hope she has been weaned properly.

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    The owner said that she knows most people in Australia hold them longer but in Sth Africa where she is from they give them out at 6wks. The father was a beautiful pedigree Shar Pei and the mother an English Bull Terrier. The pup seems happy with its new home, what precautions do you suggest I take with its diet?

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    Hi and welcome

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    Years ago we used to sell the pups from 6 weeks on. Today the laws in Australia are different & state 8 weeks.

    I would keep this pup on the same diet the breeder has been giving it, no sudden changes at all for the next couple of weeks then after that slowly change to the diet of your choice.

    At 6 weeks my puppies were having Divetalac, which is a milk replacement that can be bought at pet warehouses and vets. I also used Advance Rehydratable puppy biscuits because they could be soaked and made into a mash for when they were very young, at 6 weeks they only had the warm Divetalac poured over the top of the biscuits. Thru out the day they were given large meaty bones to help with their teeth and to keep them busy, though bashing each other up seemed to be more fun to them.

    Keep in mind that your puppy should have only just had it's first vaccination and it takes two weeks for that needle to be effective.

    Hopefully your other dog is patient with puppies and can continue the pups socialisation.

    The main reason puppies stay with the litter for that extra couple of weeks is mainly due to coverage of the vaccination and continued socialisation eg learning about bite inhibition, how rough to play, how rough not to play etc & the consequences.

    I don't mind Supercoat biscuits, my adult dogs have had it on occasion but it doesn't contain enough fat for my breed. Whatever biscuit you decide on just make sure it is designed for puppies and that you also give your puppy raw meaty bones.

    Diet can be a matter of what suits the dog. But for now whatever the price I'd be following the breeders feeding plan.
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    Wow she's a beauty! would love to see some picks of your bull/whippet too a couple friends of mine have bullygreys and I would love to see if they look simmilar.

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    I have attached some pics of the Whippet/Bully. She is a beautiful dog but we got her late and she had a bit of a rough time early so she is definately a strange dog. Unfortunately lacking in alot of social skills which hopefully will improve with the puppy. She is friendly and happy enough around the pup but just a little too rough as she is used to playing with me and not a tiny puppy.

    Imageshack - cleoo.jpg
    Imageshack - cleo2.jpg

    Thanks for the tips mouseandchicken, I got a large container of the puppies food from the owner which I believe was advance puppy, I have also brought some pedigree puppy milk which she seems to love.

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    Haha love the sunglasses shot! Beautiful yep she does look the same as my mates bullygreys same headshape etc no doubt smaller. Thanks for posting them pics beautiful.
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