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Thread: Hi from Oz Snakes

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    Default Hi from Oz Snakes

    Just found your great site and thought I would say hi.

    I have been a dog lover my whole life having kept and bred Dobermanns, in addition to keeping labs, german shepherds & rotties.

    I am also a lover of Australian Snakes, as you can probably tell from my name :-)
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    Hi and welcome to the forum Ozsnakes!!

    I love snakes , my son and I would dearly love one but hubby is rather adament in his objections
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Hey welcome to the forum!

    Got any pictures of your dogs?

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    ChoppaChop, they are beautiful, I'm sure it wouldn't take a lot of convincing.

    One of my snakes is a 6' Coastal carpet Python and she is the kindest animal you've ever seen. She loves nothing more than wrapping around my neck with her head on top of mine. If someone else holds her, she always makes a bee line back to me.

    Funny thing is I bought her from a family who had become scared of her after she grew up and claimed she bit their little boy, she has never even threatened to strike me.

    That said, I do have a few other snakes that are just bad tempered and take every opportunity to draw blood, but hey you've got to balance it out.
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    Sure do Morgan, here he is, love him to death
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