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    Hi everyone, my name is Krissii, I'm 19, and I'm from Perth.

    I've loved dogs for all my life, all animals really. And one day hope to be a vet, fingers crossed!
    I currently own 2 dogs, 8 year old Nipper, a JRT/Min Pin mix and Stollie, a 2 year old BC/Kelpie/Lab mix. I still live with my parents, so I guess they're really family dogs, however Stollie is 'my' boy, more than anyone elses.

    Nipper has been with us since we saw an ad in a newspaper for a litter of puppies. we had been looking for a while, and went to see Nipper- well, all his siblings were spoken for, and little quiet Nipper just sat back, watching the world go past. We took him home with us, and boy, did that change fast!! Nipper has always been a touch loopy, very boisterous and crazy, but we love him all the same.

    Stollie came into our lives as we were coming to terms with the fact that Nipper's companion, Kira, another JRT/Min Pin, had to be PTS. Nipper couldn't stand life without another dog in it, and we had been considering adding a larger dog to our family for a while, so again, we answered an ad in the paper. This time, however, we drove for almost 3 hours. It was dark when we arrived to a property, knocked on the door and asked to see the pup- we were told to wait, and the family went out the back to get him. We could hardly see him in the night, but there was no way he wasn't coming with us- After all, we'd just driven nearly 3 hours!
    Stollie was terrified of everything, which was our first sign something wasn't really 'right'. Here was a 12 week old puppy who was frozen in terror at the sight of everything around him. However, I cradled him in my arms the whole way home, and from that moment, I knew this boy would be in my heart forever. When we got him home, we discovered he was very skinny, but with a rather bloated belly. He was covered in fleas, and terrified by the slightest noise. He got on well with Nipper, after some initial fear, and even Kira seemed to like him.

    I love both my dogs, but Stollie is the boy who I rely on to keep me going some days. He has a whole score of behavioural issues that I'm dealing with to the best of my ability, but he is, to me, the most wonderful dog I've ever met and wouldn't change him for even the most socialised, happy dog in the world.

    So there's my rambling done!! I hope I can learn lots of new, wonderful things in my time on this forum, and hope to never live life without the love of a dog!

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    Hi and welcome.

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    Welcome and im sure you will find alot of helpfull info here..
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    Hi &

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    Hi and welcome! Pics please

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    Hi and welcome

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    Hi and welcome.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Hi, It's me mark from Uk. I am a newbie to this forum.
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