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Thread: Red Says Hello

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    Thanks all for the warm welcomes

    Above is Cosa.

    Above is Sasha,sorry not a good pic,she wouldnt sit still lol. But that pic is current as of this year.

    Sasha just after we got her.

    My daughter with her cat Cohay,or spelt Koha. In the 2yrs now i think we have had him,i have misspelt his name,but i still use the 'Cohay' spelling,although i get in trouble each time i do haha

    Hopefully those pics satisfy you all and will hopefully have more pics to add as i am hopeful on being approved as the owner of a puppy in August or perhaps the litter after.

    P.S. Bugger,that didnt turn out like the pics i have seen in the forum here,perhaps a mod can fix that for me?
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    Hi Red

    Nice photos.

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    Hi and welcome
    Gorgeous photos! Don't worry I can never get my pets to sit still for photos either! Cosa is beautiful

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    Hi Red!

    Sasha's lovely - go the black & tans!

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    In you Photoshop account if you click on the photo you want to show

    Then on the side it says "Share this image"

    Next to "Img code" is what you copy and paste into your replies
    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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    <a href= target=_blank></a>

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